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picture of an eco concious happy family

Parents more climate conscious under their children’s watchful eye

Parents are more likely to take action against climate change if observed by their children, a study reveals.

The study, carried out in Innsbruck, Austria, looked at how to motivate ‘voluntary climate action’ across the generations, focusing on parents and children.

The researchers paid 368 parents 69€ each and asked how much of the money they wanted to keep and how much they would...

picture of a woman looking stressed wrapping christmas presents

Rising costs put extra financial pressure on families this Christmas  

Children could be exposed to more intense and damaging parental conflict this Christmas as heightened economic pressures put strains on parents’ relationships

A YouGov survey of 1,053 parents of children aged 18 and under in Britain, commissioned by research charity and What Works Centre, the Early Intervention Foundation, has found that 56% of those who celebrate Christmas worry about their...