Women in Sport

picture of girls playing football

3 Ways to Get Your Daughter Into Sports – and Keep Them Interested

Young girls “fall out of love” with sport by the time they’re teenagers.

A damning study from Women in Sport revealed that even active young girls become less sporty as they enter their teen years due to a lack of confidence, the pressure of schoolwork, and not feeling safe outdoors.

In a world where girls and young women face barriers to certain jobs, equal pay, and more,...

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Big Sister Aims to Break Down the Barriers to Teenage Girls Exercising

New programme designed by girls, for girls launched to empower teens during puberty

A new programme designed to provide a supportive space for teenage girls has launched to help girls find and reclaim the joy of sport and exercise during puberty. Big Sister provides girls with an extensive range of resources and support - created and shaped by other girls - to enable them to find out about...