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Dinosaur Ice rescue activity for Kids

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - 21:51

If you or your kids are interested in dinosaurs then this easy and fun to make dinosaur activity is just what you (or they) have been looking for!

We have done a few ice rescue activities in our house, where I secretly take some of the children’s toys and freeze them in containers or muffin tins overnight. When they are totally frozen I lay them out on a tuff tray and tell the children that they need to find a way to set their toys free from the ice. We have had quite a few interesting ways that our two have found to set them free, in our latest dinosaur rescue activity my second child immediately rushed off to find a hammer to bash the ice with! I love watching my son and daughter work together and chat about the different ways they can get the animals out. Their imaginations run wild and they have been the most excited when I have used another one of their toys, named him ‘Ice Man’ and written them a note to say that Ice man has captured their toys and they need our help to set them free.

This fun activity can be done at home, it is free to do, makes very little mess and encourages your children to use their imaginations and develop their problem solving skills.

What you need for the activity

  • Toys – we used dinosaurs, but you can use any of your children’s toys (like animals or toy cars) that are small enough to freeze.
  • Water
  • Containers to freeze the toys in. We have used plastic containers, bowls, ice cube trays and muffin tins.
  • Space in the freezer.

What you need to do

  • If you want to make the activity really exciting you can set the scene, by writing a note for your children saying that their toys have been captured and they need your help to set them free.
  • Set out the toys, either in their containers or on their own, on a tuff tray.
  • Let the children work out ways to free their toys from the ice. I try and let the children really lead this activity and come up with the ways to set the toys free themselves.

If you aren’t afraid of a bit of extra mess, you can try adding some food colouring or glitter to the water before you freeze it. I would definitely do this activity outside, otherwise you will be finding glitter on everything forever!

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Dinosaur ice play activity for kids

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