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Global educational publisher Twinkl supports teaching in the Philippines with free home-learning resources 

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 13:05

This past year has shown just how quickly the needs of educators can change as demand for home-learning materials has increased significantly. As the Philippines prepares for another school year online, global educational publisher Twinkl, is making sure that parents and teachers are supported, by offering free learning packs. 

Twinkl consistently ensures that the demands of educators across the globe are answered, by offering tailored resources and learning packs. Recently, the publisher launched a resource pack to support schools and teachers with international new arrivals coming into the UK following events such as those in Afghanistan.  

In response to regions across the globe changing policies on home learning, Twinkl has previously made resources free to use without subscription. The demands of teachers have changed and will continue to change in the coming years, which is why Twinkl is incredibly passionate about sticking to their mission of helping teachers, teach, and responding to customer feedback and changing environments. 

Access to learning has been made difficult in the past year due to lockdowns and remote teaching, and it is Twinkl’s mission to ensure that educators and young people have the access to high-quality teaching and learning materials regardless of the change in environment. 

The team at Twinkl have listened to customer feedback on what resources are most needed in the region and have collated a free learning pack which will ensure that a classroom standard of teaching is given whilst learning remotely. Twinkl is uniquely placed as a resource provider, with all materials being created by teachers themselves. The insight from teachers across the globe means that parents and educators can be rest assured that the learning packs have been produced by creators that are trusted by experts such as the UN. 

Twinkl founder and CEO, Jonathan Seaton, is incredibly proud of the work his team has done over the past year, saying: 

“It is embedded in our culture at Twinkl to always be on the look out for new ways we can support our customers and listen to feedback. After hearing of the situation in the Philippines where schools are expected to teach remotely for another year, we made it a priority to support parents and educators with high-quality teaching materials to make home-learning easier and more enjoyable.

We are so pleased to hear of the impact that our provisions for free learning materials have had in other regions such as Afghanistan and Lebanon where there has been disruption and school closures caused by conflict or economic situation. So it is important for us to respond to this need in countries that are facing yet another year of remote learning. The help we are offering to the Philippines would not be possible without the support of our members and our thoughts are with parents, educators and young people in the Philippines at this time. We hope through providing free resources, we can ensure that everyone has access to high-quality materials.” 

Twinkl’s resources are used across the globe as a trusted provider of high-quality educational resources. With teachers at every level in the organisation, creating and checking resources, all feedback from educators across the globe is welcomed and implemented daily to ensure teachers receive the best support. 

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