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Halloween recipes the family will enjoy making AND eating

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 22:20

With Halloween fast approaching I have started planning what tasty treats I would like to try making (and eating) with my children. Below I have put together a list of 8 of my favourite looking recipes for you to try too. 

Halloween themed recipes

  1. Gross toasts 

These Gross toasts are made by topping bread with tomato puree, cheese and olives. Decorated in a way to make them look like mummies, these treats will be a huge hit with the whole family.

The recipe is from Tesco Real Food and can be found here

  1. Witch’s Broomsticks

These simple, cheesy Witch’s Broomsticks look fantastic, they also look like lots of fun to make.

This recipe is from Delicious magazine and can be found here 

  1. Spooky Witches fingers

These spooky biscuits are a great addition to your Halloween table. This recipe is also perfect for little hands to help with.

This recipe is from allrecipes.com and can be found here 

  1. Frozen Banana Ghosts

This is definitely the easiest recipe on the list, it also uses the least ingredients too! This will need a bit of planning ahead, as the bananas need to freeze, but they look great. These are especially perfect for younger children.

This recipe is from  BBC Good Food and can be found here 

  1. Annabel Karmel’s Chocolate Spider Cupcakes

With a few additions you can transform your regular cupcakes into scary spider cupcakes using this fun recipe. You can even turn this one into a competition with your family, who can make the best spider?

This recipe is from Made for mums and can be found here   

  1. Slime dip with spooky tortilla shapes

I love the look of this recipe! This is definitely one that will wow your family and guests, with minimal effort from you! What’s not to like? This is recipe that the children will love helping out with too, especially cutting out the tortilla shapes with cookie cutters.

This recipe is from Tesco Real Food and can be found here 

  1. Halloween slime popcorn

Popcorn is always a huge hit with my children and this recipe is a quick and easy one to transform your regular popcorn into a great Halloween themed treat. A little bit of food colouring, some icing and some chocolate buttons are all you need to transform this dish from standard to spooky in no time.

This recipe is from Tesco Real Food and can be found here 

  1. Spooky Forest Pudding Cups

These chocolate filled pudding cups may need a bit more creativity and use quite a few ingredients, but they are certainly worth the effort! These look fantastic and I’m sure they will be a huge hit with all the family.

This recipe is from Countryliving.com and can be found here 


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