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Talented 8 year old lands job of a lifetime as junior travel photographer  

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 10:17

tripAbrood appoint a Chief Kids Officer after receiving hundreds of adorable  applications 

Family travel specialist tripAbrood has received hundreds of applications after advertising for the role of Chief Kids Officer, open to anyone aged 5 to 12 years old. Looking to gain a child’s eye view of the family holiday experience, tripAbrood set out to hire a budding travel photographer to document what it’s like to holiday as a child.

Today, tripAbrood’s CEO and Founder Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker - herself a mother of three - appointed Wren, aged 8 from Oxfordshire, as their CKO. Wren has been given the important job of reporting on her stay at tripAbrood holiday accommodations (receiving up to £1,000 of tripAbrood credits for accommodation bookings via the website), documenting her and her family’s trips with photographs and content to help other families decide what destinations would work for them.

Born with a natural eye for nature photography and a heart for wildlife, Wren was keen to demonstrate her love for nature by submitting three photographs of the outdoors. The first features a close-up of an opening within a slate wall revealing a luminous blue coastal landscape. The second, a beautifully intimate shot capturing a family of swans floating downstream and lastly, an artistic snapshot of the sun hitting the leaves of a plant as it floats in the wind revealing its deep red colouring.  

While today’s appointment is very well deserved, the decision was not made lightly. The judging team, which included popular family influencer Emma Conway known on Instagram as @brummymummyof2, was blown away by the level of talent and creativity across all applications received. 

There were some incredible entries from children between 5-12 years old, you can see some of the shortlisted entry photos on tripAbrood’d Instagram here.

When asked how she feels about her newly appointed role, Wren, tripAbrood’s Chief Kids Officer, says; ​​”Good, amazing absolutely thrilled. It’s just I was really lucky to be the Chief Kids Officer.”

“There were loads of other people in the country who could have been it, but, no it was me, and I am so happy and grateful. I love just going out into the world and seeing all the beautiful things in a different way.”

“I love travelling, seeing the fluffy white clouds, and looking out of boats into the blue sea. When I’m on holiday I love the beautiful sunshine in other countries, the different things that we can’t see in England, like water monitors or peacocks.”

Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker, tripAbrood CEO and Founder, comments;

“Judging the applicants for our Chief Kids Officer role has been so rewarding. I am in awe of all the talented junior photographers that applied and wish they could all be winners! I’m so pleased, however, to appoint Wren to the role. 

“From the start we loved the unique perspective and framing of her photographs and when I interviewed her she really stood out as a confident, creative and adventurous photographer, and I can’t wait to see what pictures she comes back with from her holidays to various tripAbrood destinations! Her input and experience will be so valuable to us making sure we’re offering families the best accommodation and information possible at their desired holiday locations.

“I absolutely loved conducting the interviews with the shortlisted candidates, all were so passionate about the photographs they had taken and were able to talk me through why they chose each particular shot. We’re hoping to run our CKO competition again next year so I really hope all eligible applicants will apply again, it was such a joy to see their pictures!”


Cover photo By max-kegfire on Canva

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