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Most popular CAR inspired baby names revealed

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Monday, April 18, 2022 - 19:43

These are the most popular baby names inspired by cars in the UK, according to ONS data

  • Lexi and Cooper are the most popular car-inspired baby names in the UK.
  • Cleo and Enzo are the second most popular car-related baby names.
  • Nova, Martin, Octavia and Bentley all make the top ten also.

Lexi and Cooper are the most popular baby names in the UK inspired by cars. 

Research conducted by car insurance experts CarInsurance.ae analysed the latest data released from ONS to establish the most popular baby names that are inspired by car brands, makes and models of the last five years, with Lexi and Cooper taking the top spots.

The most popular car-related girls baby name is Lexi, inspired by the popular car brand Lexus. Since 2016, approximately 2,400 babies were named Lexi in the UK, ranking higher than any other car-inspired baby name, beating the likes of Dakota, Octavia and Nova.

Cooper places as the most popular baby name for boy’s, inspired by the popular model Mini Cooper. According to ONS figures, the name has risen in popularity since 1992, correlating with Mini’s rise in popularity over the years. Approximately 1,942 babies were named Cooper from 2016-2020, establishing its spot as the most popular car-inspired baby name for boys.

The second most popular girl baby name linked to the car industry is Cleo, inspired by the popular Renault Clio. Consistently one of Europe’s top-selling vehicles since its launch in 1990, the name Cleo was given to approximately 1,324 babies between 2016-2020.

Enzo is the second most popular boy’s name in the ranking, inspired by the Ferrari Enzo. Developed in 2002, the popular sports car was named after the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, and approximately 1,257 babies were named Enzo from 2016-2020, making it the second most popular car-related baby name.

The third most popular car-inspired names were revealed as Elise and Phoenix. Inspired by the popular sports car Lotus Elise released in 1996, there were approximately 1,999 babies born between 1996-2020 named Elise and 1,206 named Phoenix, inspired by the classic Dodge Phoenix.

Also creeping into the top ten car-related boys names are Romeo and Bentley. Inspired by Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo and the British Bentley Motors, these luxury and high-end names remain as classic baby names, making them the sixth and seventh most popular car-inspired names.

A spokesperson for CarInsurance.ae commented on the findings: “Choosing a name can be a lengthy and challenging process for soon-to-be parents, but car-inspired baby names might be the perfect solution for those passionate about cars.

These findings offer an interesting insight into the growing popularity of car-themed names. Ranging from brands and models to more subtle car-themed nicknames, these names have fast and powerful connotations that will be sure to command attention.”

Top 10 Most Popular Car Inspired Girl Names
1. Lexi
2. Cleo
3. Elise
4. Nova
5. Astrid
6. Dakota
7. Octavia
8. Shelby
9. Morgan
10. Cheyenne


Top 10 Most Popular Car Inspired Boy Names
1. Cooper
2. Enzo
3. Phoenix
4. Martin
5. Morgan
6. Romeo
7. Bentley
8. Ace
9. Aston
10. Maverick

The analysis was conducted by CarInsurance.ae, which is dedicated to helping drivers save time and money while picking car insurance in UAE.

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