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Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Young Company present Busting Heads this Easter

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 22:57

Theatre Royal Plymouth’s Young Company are preparing to present their latest show Busting Heads to audiences. The production is on in The Drum at TRP from 21–23 April 2022.

Cancel culture doesn’t work. Public shaming simply isn’t embarrassing enough. So what happens now? When no one’s listening to your complaints, how can you make yourself heard?

Busting Heads follows a group of young anarchists forced to take things a step too far. When the court of public opinion isn’t on their side, they know only one man can help… Sir Francis Drake, of course! Only problem is, he’s a bit problematic by today’s standards… oh, plus he’s dead…

This raucous new play asks what would happen if the public rewrote all the rules… what if we could be judge, jury and executioner…?

Ryan Wilce, Engagement and Learning Associate at Theatre Royal Plymouth said: “We’ve loved working with the young people as we’ve explored difficult themes that they feel passionate about. From the start, the young people voices and experiences have been at the centre of making this piece. They’ve been so brave and bold throughout the process and I think the show will pack a punch”. 

TRP’s Young Company creates opportunities for anyone aged 5 to 25 to participate in theatre through workshops and performance. 

Young Company member Erin said: “It’s a really good opportunity because you can say you’ve been doing stuff, and with Covid we haven’t been on stage very much, so it’s quite nice to be back.”

Zach and Caitlin added: “As a Young Company we’ve become stronger together. We’re a really close cast, working together as a team and as a big group. 

Tickets for Busting Heads are £9 and can be purchased here: theatreroyal.com/young-company-busting-heads 

TRP's Young Company presents 'Busting Heads'

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