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Zara Crawford
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Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 18:38

While you catch up on your Zzzz’s

The UK’s health department recommends that babies should be exclusively breastfed until around the age of six months. However, the reality is that by 6-weeks old, approximately a quarter (23%) of babies are fully breastfeed.

This means that mothers are opting to either combine breastfeeding with express or formula feeding, which means dads can get involved too!

Arguably, one of the main benefits of including bottle feeding in your routine is that both parents can be involved in their baby’s feeding routine. This means that Dads get additional bonding time and mums can take advantage of a few extra precious hours sleep!

Specialist bottles, such as Dr. Brown’s Options+ anti-colic bottles (RRP: from £7.69) are designed to reduce the amount of air swallowed during feeds, lessen gas bubbles in the stomach, and slow down food intake, which means that they can additionally help reduce the symptoms of infant colic.

Infant Colic is a common medical condition affecting many new-born babies, starting at around 2-4 weeks old. It can be distressing for baby, leading to inconsolable constant crying, clenched fists and knees being pulled up to the tummy. Understandably, it’s equally troubling for new parents watching their precious bundle of joy in pain.

picture of a dr browns baby bottle

Originally devised by a doctor in the USA, now 92% of UK Health Professionals recommend Dr Brown’s Options+™ bottles for the relief of colicky symptoms**.

Furthermore, Dr Brown’s breast-shaped teat has a 93% acceptance rate*, so you won’t have to wonder if your baby will love their Dr. Brown’s™ bottle.  The enhanced design of the Dr Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Bottles works by cleverly channelling air away from baby’s feed.  They are clinically proven to reduce windy colic due to the unique 100% vacuum- free vent system. Plus, the bottles can be used with or without the removable internal vent system, transforming it into a teat-vented bottle for more convenience.

The breast-like teat shape is correctly contoured for a proper latch and a more natural bottle-feeding experience, perfect for switching from breast to bottle and back again if you’re expressing! Each teat is specially engineered to offer the same consistent natural flow, so you and baby know what to expect in every feed.

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow®️ Options+™️ bottles are also now available in glass. They have the same soft silicone teats and anti-colic vent system, as their plastic bottle range, but with the added benefit of also being made from pharmaceutical-grade glass, that’s both heat and shock resistant!

All Dr Brown’s products, including exclusive, money-saving bundle offers are available from Baby-Central.



* In a comprehensive study of 884 babies, 93% of babies accepted Dr. Brown’s™ Options+™ Wide-Neck Teat.)

**Research carried out by Mustard Research Ltd amongst a sample of 200 UK Healthcare Professionals during May 2017



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