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Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - 21:40

For Happy Hair + Silky Skin

It’s a fact that silk causes less friction than cotton’s harder fibres. So, if your baby has dry, sensitive skin, is experiencing hair loss, or has a baby bald spot – The Little Silk (TLS) is here to help.

Whilst hair loss in new-borns is common and nothing to worry about, switching to sleeping on silk (rather than cotton) can help to prevent further loss and promote hair growth.

The Little Silk’s 100% Mulberry Silk range of fitted cot, crib + moses sheets, pillowcases and hair scrunchies are designed prevent bald spots, bed-head, and hair damage, whilst also helping to soothe irritated, dry skin. Unlike cotton, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, as well as breathable, hydrating and temperature regulating!

The brand launches following the success of celebrity favourite parent brand The Big Silk, which offers luxury time saving silk accessories that are designed to speed up your beauty routine and achieve that effortless low maintenance high quality glow up. Now our precious little ones can benefit from silk’s superhero abilities too!

A smoother sleep for moses baskets, cribs and cot beds

Uniquely, TLS’s fully fitted sheets have a patented half silk, half cotton design, which provides little ones with all the benefits of a smooth and gentle sleep surface, so their hair can grow stronger, thicker + super soft, at a more affordable price. picture of a happy baby in a cot

Tantrum-reducing pillowcases

TLS’s super-soft silk pillows will help speed up your school run routine and avoid hair brushing dramas by making hair tangles a thing of the past. A little luxury that saves time and tantrums in the morning, by keeping tangles, frizz and irritated skin at bay.

For Lucious Locks – with staying power

Tie up longer hair, while fighting frizz and tame knotty tresses with these cute and colourful, silky scrunchies. Perfect for all hair types - even the craziest of curls. Featuring extra strong hold elastic, these scrunchies will keep your ponytail or bunches in place longer than the average hair tie!

picture of silk hair scrunchies

The perfect gift

For the perfect gift that makes life easier as well as being useful, all TLS products are beautifully presented in gorgeous, brightly coloured box packaging to provide a thoughtful, luxury gift for any mama-to-be, new parent, for a special occasion or just because.

picture of the little silk company packaging

This range of game-changing products will:


  • Prevent baby bald spots, ‘bed-head’ and tangles
  • Keep little ones cool while they sleep
  • Lock in moisture for happier hair and healthier skin 
  • Provide safer sleeping through super soft cot slips that are completely wriggle proof!
  • Help with asthma and allergies, by naturally repelling dust mites

And one thing we can guarantee - once your little one has switched to silk they will never want to sleep on cotton again.

Every silk scrunchie, sheet, and pillowcase is made from the finest 22-momme, grade 6A mulberry silk. Prices start from RRP: £45 and cot bed sheets are also available in full silk, as well as half. All products available from www.thelittlesilk.com in beautiful pastel colours of pink, grey, green, blue and white. Get social with TLS @thelittlesilk

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