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TOP eco-friendly baby names in 2024

As the calendar flips to 2024, the freshest wave of baby name trends arrives - yet this one has an eco-twist!

New research from waste management company BusinessWaste.co.uk has unearthed the ‘greenest’ names in 2024. They used both internal company data and the latest trending names from BabyCenter to find out the most popular baby names for little ones who are most likely to become eco-warriors and enjoy an environmentally friendly life.

David heads up the pack with a significant lead in sustainable practices, according to the latest data. Not only is it still a popular name in 2024 after trending for a few years, but it’s also the name that gets the most enquiries into recycling at BusinessWaste.co.uk.

On the girls’ side, the name most interested in sustainability with the most queries around recycling is by far Emma, which is also the 7th top trending name in the UK in 2024 according to BabyCenter.

Here are the TOP 10 trending baby names in 2024 that are most likely to care for the environment and lead a sustainable life:

Boys Girls
David Emma
Andrew Charlotte
James Claire
John Hannah
Michael Natalie
Daniel Lucy
Matthew Caroline
Adam Maria
Adrian Zoe
Jack Sophie

Adam and Maria, both biblically rooted, now sprout new meaning in the green baby name trend. These names are growing in popularity among families who cherish the earth. Zoe, a name with a zest for life and currently in favour, is fast becoming synonymous with a desire to live sustainably.

picture of a baby wrapped in a neutral woollen blanket As we navigate the era of sustainability, these names are both beautiful and seem to be championing the cause of a cleaner and greener tomorrow. People have always chosen names that sound nice but often also have a deeper meaning. So, this list might be a good source of inspiration for new parents who hope their kids will be green advocates for our planet.

Speaking of the environment, for further inspiration for new parents, here is a list of the most beautiful nature-inspired baby names:

Boy names Girl names
Ash Autumn
Cliff Dahlia
Colt Hazel
Flint Heather
Forrest Iris
Hawk Ivy
Heath Lily
Reed Meadow
River Ruby
Sky Violet
Stone Willow


For the TOP20 baby names of eco-warriors and a much longer list of nature-inspired names read the full blog post: https://www.businesswaste.co.uk/news/top-eco-friendly-baby-names-in-2024/\


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