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Five ways that AI can save you money over the school holidays

The Easter half-term is well underway and searches for the term “half term kids eat free” are up by over 170% in the last seven days! Whilst yellow sticker shopping and supermarket matching are viable options to make savings, what if there was a tool that could plan your meals for less than £3 a head?

Christoph C. Cemper, on behalf of AIPRM, provides five tips on how to utilise artificial intelligence to save money over the school holidays.

Five ways that AI can save you money over the school holidays:

1. DIY games:

Great family fun can be had whilst playing a board game, however in today’s market many retailers set a price point for games like Monopoly and Cluedo at a whopping £20 - £30+. But what if you could make an entirely unique board game for free?.

Utilise ChatGPT to imagine a fun activity or board game using materials you can find at home. The tool will give you the outline of an entirely new game, along with materials needed, rules and fun features. In addition to this, huge advancements have been made in AI image generation, which has allowed people to envision ideas that they may not be capable of designing very quickly themselves if at all. So why not get Ai to create a custom design for your new board game that you could easily print off or replicate at home.

2. Meal planning tools:

The cost of groceries has become overwhelming of late, and with the additional cost that extra home meals throughout the holidays could bring, it’s not an extra worry that you need.

Take advantage of AI’s creativity and utilise AI chat bots or AI meal planning apps to create unique recipes that stick to a strict budget and/or specific ingredients. Not only will this save you money, but your unique recipes may generate a buzz with your family and guests over the holidays. 

To demonstrate this, AIPRM asked ChatGPT to create a unique Easter Sunday lunch that costs less than five pounds a head, and it didn’t fail to impress. See the full recipe plan - here

3. Price comparison:

It’s surprising how much money you can save, by shopping around and not just sticking to one shop for ease. However, this can be a monotonous task that most people might not have the spare time to do, but what if you could utilise  an AI tool to help you? 

There are numerous, free AI browser extensions and tools that are capable of doing all the searching for you, to ensure you get the best deal, whilst not having to waste a second of your time or effort. In the long run, this could prove to be a key tool in your arsenal of money-saving methods.

4. Budgeting tools:

Whilst preparing for the holidays, it’s always a smart idea to ensure that you’re budgeting effectively and spending the correct amounts in the right areas. To do this, you can download select AI apps that analyse your spending habits and regular outgoings to generate personalised plans that can help you to budget more effectively throughout the month, which will no doubt ensure you have a substantial budget to celebrate the holiday.

5. Rewards and Cashback:

Not only to make savings, but to ensure you’re getting the most for your money, you can utilise Ai-Driven browser extension tools and apps. These will help you to find all the best potential cashback and reward schemes that apply to the items that you’re buying. In doing so, you can ensure that not a penny of your spent money goes to waste.



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