picture of a family using AI technology to save money

Five ways that AI can save you money over the school holidays

The Easter half-term is well underway and searches for the term “half term kids eat free” are up by over 170% in the last seven days! Whilst yellow sticker shopping and supermarket matching are viable options to make savings, what if there was a tool that could plan your meals for less than £3 a head? Christoph C. Cemper , on behalf of AIPRM , provides five tips on how to utilise artificial...

picture of the Aileen app for kids


Trailblazing A2Z sci-fi podcast and accompanying AI app to launch in April

A ground-breaking new kid-friendly app that uses AI to foster mental wellbeing and encourage positive media habits among kids is set for release on 18 April 2024.

Designed with input from a team of psychologists and experts in child development and mental health, the AI app, called ‘Aileen’, is integrated with...

picture of Snapchat Expand their In App Parental Tools

Snapchat Expand their In-App Parental Tools

At Snap, we’re committed to giving parents additional tools and resources to help them support their teens’ safe use of Snapchat.

In 2022, we launched Family Center, our set of parental tools that allows parents to see who teens are talking to on Snapchat, confidentially report any concerns, and set content controls – all of which can help prompt important conversations about safety...

picture of a human hand touching a robotic hand

New support for teachers powered by Artificial Intelligence

£2million investment in Oak National Academy to improve and expand Artificial Intelligence tools for teachers.

Every teacher in England is set to benefit from new resources powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), supporting them to plan lessons and build classroom quizzes, and helping to reduce workloads.

The Government is investing up to £2 million in Oak National Academy , which...

picture of a parent and child using a smart device

AI and Parenting: Navigating the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Your Child's Life

Navigating Online Safety: The role of AI

By Sacha Lazimi, co-founder and CEO of Yubo

In today's digital age, children and teenagers are navigating an increasingly complex online landscape. For parents, ensuring their child's safety online can be a daunting task.

Artificial intelligence (AI) – the newest technological revolution – may be a key to mitigating online safety...

picture of children using computers in school

New drive to better understand the role of AI in education

Education Secretary to address benefits of technology in education at London Tech Week.

Using artificial intelligence to transform education in a positive way will be the focus of a new call for evidence launched by the government today (14 June) to mark the 10th anniversary of London Tech Week.

As part of the government’s wider work to make the most out of the technology, the...

picture of some teachers

Twinkl’s Take: How is AI supporting educators globally

Twinkl, as a leading educational resource publisher, is continuously engaging in current trends to further support educators.

In recent months, the use of AI tools has gained attention for their potential to assist teachers across various aspects of their roles. As educators face mounting challenges, these AI tools have the potential to alleviate some of the pressure by streamlining...

picture of the SPOKE Explore app

Meet SPOKE: An App Improving GenZ Mental Health Through Music

  • SPOKE is a new mental health app combining AI, science, music and lyricism to improve mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The deeply personalised app helps listeners with everything from sleep to heartbreak, confidence and focus.
  • Musicians, voice artists and composers are trained by a team of clinical psychologists, therapists and neuroscientists. Each
  • ...
picture of a Child using technology to do homework

Could AI Technology signal the end of school homework?

Children’s homework is always a hot topic of conversation for parents. Whilst schools see it as a way to boost learning and ensure children are on track with goals, a lot of parents find it hugely time consuming and a cause of great stress at home. But could all that be about to change? The rise in AI (Artificial intelligence) Technology is moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up, let alone...

picture of laptop with ai tech

Education Secretary establishes Government’s forward thinking AI approach

Gillian Keegan to speak about the potential of technology in education

Artificial intelligence has the power to transform teachers’ day-to-day lives, the Education Secretary will say in a speech today (Wednesday 29 March).

AI technology offers many cutting edge opportunities and some schools are already leveraging its potential, with others eager to learn and understand its full...

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