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New Calculator Shows How Long You’ve Spent Breastfeeding

A unique tool has been launched that helps parents estimate the total amount of time they've spent breastfeeding their baby and translates it into fun, relatable experiences.

Smart Cells, a leading cord blood stem cell collection and storage company, has announced the launch of its new interactive Breastfeeding Calculator on their website.

“Breastfeeding is an incredibly rewarding journey, but it can also be demanding,” says Shamshad Ahmed at Smart Cells. “Our Breastfeeding Calculator acknowledges the significant time commitment parents make when nursing their little ones. It's a lighthearted way to show appreciation for their dedication and the countless hours spent providing love and nourishment. We hope this calculator brings a smile to parents' faces and helps them appreciate the remarkable accomplishment of their breastfeeding journey.”

The Breastfeeding Calculator is simple to use: enter the average number of hours spent breastfeeding per day and the total number of months they've breastfed. The calculator then displays the estimated total hours spent breastfeeding, how much money you might have earned in a full time job, along with a surprising fact comparing that time to a relatable activity. For example, it might reveal that you’ve spent the equivalent of watching Titanic 443 times or listening to Taylor Swift’s entire discography 312 times!

Real Mums, Real Stories

In order to get a good overview of how different breastfeeding journeys can be for different babies and parents, Smart Cells spoke to several parents to hear their experiences. The Breastfeeding Calculator page features a few inspiring stories from real mums who have breastfed their babies. 

Sian, a mother of two, used the calculator to estimate that she spent 6480 feeding one baby over 2.5 years, and over 11,500 hours feeding her second baby over 18 months. She shares her experience navigating different breastfeeding journeys with each child:

“It took a lot of work with my first to get the latch right, especially as I had a fast letdown! Once we got the hang of it though, she fed very efficiently so feeds would only last 10-20 minutes after a few weeks and were usually spaced out by 3 hours. I fed her until she was 2.5.

“My second had a tongue tie, so even though I felt like I should know what I was doing, I really struggled! He fed for hours at a time, as well as all night long. We made it to 18 months, but according to the calculator, the hours I spent feeding him were twice as many as my first!” 

picture of Smart Cells Breastfeeding Calculator Example Emma’s calculator results showed an accumulated 4320 hours of feeding; she details the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding through various milestones:

“At first I pretty much spent the first 3 weeks with my baby suckling for hours at a time as my milk took 10 days to come through due to low iron as I lost a lot of blood during labour and my baby also had a tongue tie which we had cut when she was 2 weeks old.

“Teething, colds, injury, missing mummy, are all factors that have increased feeding time and frequency for me. The comfort feeding at night sometimes feels like I have been breastfeeding ALL night, similarly to a lot of breastfeeding mums who are trapped comfort-feeding, I bedshare on a floor bed to make the night feeds easier so I can lie down and be half asleep whilst baby feeds for as long or little as she wants.”

Another mum, Rosie described the evolution of her baby's feeding routine and how it changed over time:

“When she was 2 months old she fed for around 3 hours a day, split up into feeds that lasted anywhere from 10-30 minutes. There are a few 40 min feeds in there too but mostly around the 20 minute mark.

“By 6 months she fed for around an hour a day, feeds were anywhere from 5-15 mins but usually falling around the 10 minute mark.”

Understanding Your Breastfeeding Journey

In addition to the fun calculator, Smart Cells has compiled a comprehensive FAQ section to address common breastfeeding concerns and questions. This resource covers topics such as feeding frequency, proper latch techniques, and recognising signs of a full feed.

“We understand that every breastfeeding journey is unique,” says Shamshad Ahmed. “Our FAQs provide evidence-based information and helpful tips to empower parents on their breastfeeding path.”

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