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Dr Brown's Feeding Favourites Under £15

Weaning can be a messy adventure, but having the right tools can help make this exciting milestone that little bit more manageable. Best known for its revolutionary anti-colic bottle technology, Dr Brown's continues to be your trusted ally, as you transition from bottle feeding to solid foods. From breast pumps and handy sterilising bags to helpful feeders, teethers and training cups, their range of affordable, quality products are, designed to support every step of your baby's feeding journey, without breaking the bank!  Here’s our top product picks that will make every feeding moment special for you and your little one!

Dr Browns Silicone One Piece Breast Pump Pump for Joy!

Embark on your feeding journey with confidence and ease, thanks to Dr. Brown's Silicone One-Piece Breast Pump! This time and money saving pump is the perfect companion for new parents navigating the early days of feeding. Whether you're using it as a let-down aid, relieving engorgement, or trying to build a stash for later, the Dr. Brown's Silicone One-Piece Breast Pump is the perfect cost effective companion to assist during your feeding journey.

RRP: £10.99

Speedy Sterilisation

The Dr Brown's Steam Sterilising Bags are the perfect travel-friendly products to support you in your transition from boob to bottle. Offering a space saving, quick and effective way to sterilise baby bottles and parts, when away from home. Just put them in a microwave, add water and in less than two minutes, you're done! Includes five steriliser bags, and each bag is reusable up to 20-times.

RRP: £8.99

Happy teeth, happy baby!

Not just a tool to help sore gums, teethers are a great way to help to strengthen little mouths for weaning too! With firm edges and multiple textures, Dr Brown's Ridgees Giraffe Teether aids pain and discomfort when teething and sensory accessory.


RRP: £4.49

picture of Dr Browns Silicone Feeder Crunch, chomp and chew!

With the Dr Brown's Silicone Feeder, your little one can kick start their weaning journey with a bang! This innovative feeder features a soft silicone bulb with tiny holes and an ergonomic handle, allowing you to introduce a variety of foods safely and conveniently. Made from a durable material, it can hold fresh or frozen food and doubles as a teether that helps to soothe sore gums whilst encouraging independent feeding.

RRP: £3.49

picture of Dr Browns Milestones 270ml Wide neck Sippy Bottle With Silicone Handles Sipping Sidekick!

Get ready to conquer goals with Dr Brown's Milestones 270ml Wide-neck Sippy Bottle With Silicone Handles

This creative cup makes introducing a sippy spout a breeze. The easy to grip silicone handles are removable, fit most wide bottles and sippy cups, and encourage safe, independent drinking. With an additional snap on cap, the spout is kept clean, making it the perfect travel companion!


RRP: £10.99

picture of Dr Browns soft spout toddler cup Sippy Smiles!

Say goodbye to spills and hello to smiles with the Dr Brown's Soft Spout Trainer Cup and Dr Brown's Soft Spout Toddler Cup Pink Llama 270ml.  The one piece, spill proof silicone spout and easy-grip handles help toddlers to sip with confidence and learn to master the art of independent drinking. The delightful and colourful rainbow and llama designs make this cup the perfect blend of cuteness and convenience for your little one!


RRP: £5.69

Stack, snack and dip!

The vibrant and versatile Dr Brown's Snack-A-Pillar Stackable Snack & Dipping Cups are the ultimate addition to your feeding essentials! Making snack time an absolute blast for your little one and fit all your baby’s favourite treats in one place. Perfect for at home or on the go snacking, they feature a twist-to-close lid for spill-proof use, are freezer safe and are easy for little hands to hold.

RRP: £10.99





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