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Ready, set, WEAN! How to win at Weaning

Embarking on the solid food adventure with your little one can be a wild ride of messiness and exhaustion, leaving you feeling like you're playing a losing game. But fear not! Vital Baby is here to turn your weaning woes into wins, with the launch of ‘Win at Weaning’.

To celebrate Weaning Week 2024, Vital Baby is here and equipped with their comprehensive NOURISH range, including their award-winning weaning and feeding products, to help parents to 'Win at Weaning'! Joining forces with health and parenting expert, Dr. Shireen, the dynamic duo are here to share it all - the ups and downs, the messy, and the wonderfully chaotic side of weaning - because no parent should feel alone in this journey.

To ease you into the world of weaning and make it a breeze, Dr Shireen has served up her top tips. With these tricks up your sleeve, your journey into the world of solid foods, will feel like a piece of cake.

Dr. Shireen’s Top Weaning Tips:

1.    Prepare: Batch cook food and freeze it even before you start weaning. I love the Vital Baby NOURISH prep & wean™ for preparing the food and store it in ice cube holders which I find are the perfect size for those first meals. Also ensure you have the right size bowls, spoons and utensils (Vital Baby have an amazing range!)

2.    The messier, the better! Don’t get put off by mess, let your baby have fun exploring, touching and tasting the different textures - it is all part of the process (and there’s plenty of time to clean up afterwards).

3.    Eat with your baby: Babies love to copy us, so if your baby isn’t too keen on being fed, try sitting them at the table with you. When they watch you eat, they will naturally want to eat too!

4.    Be patient: Weaning is a journey and it takes time for little ones to learn. Different babies are ready at different times and different babies learn at different paces. Like with all things - don’t compare!

5.    Do a First Aid Course before starting: There are lots of online courses available and more than anything it can really help build your confidence when it comes to introducing different textured foods.

Dr Shireen can’t wait to help parents on their weaning journey:

“I am thrilled to be working alongside Vital Baby on the Win at Weaning campaign to support other parents on their feeding adventures. As a GP, I understand that this can be quite an anxious time and regularly get asked for tips and hacks to help babies as they venture into the wonderful world of solid food. It’s important to remember that every child develops at their own pace. Relax into this new adventure with your little one, it’s quite a ride! I love that Vital Baby have your back every step of the way, with products that have all your weaning needs covered.”

Need an accomplice to help you enter the world of weaning and get those top tips rolling? Vital Baby’s NOURISH range is the perfect partner to help you tackle weaning. From clever cooking essentials to stunning and sleek tableware, Vital Baby has got your back!

The NOURISH Range - At A Glance:


picture of NOURISH prep & wean machine by Vital Baby

Cooking up a storm!

Whip up nutritious homemade meals in a flash for your little one with the NOURISH prep & wean RRP £119.99. From sterilising to steaming and blending, this innovative machine does it all! It's simple, easy to use, and packed with three functions, plus a spacious 900ml jug capacity to guide you through each weaning stage and beyond. It’ll be there for the long run!

picture of NOURISH scoop™ highchair

Dine in style!

The NOURISH scoop™ highchair RRP £99.99 is the perfect cool, compact and comfy highchair for your little one. With a super soft cushion, comfortable curved seat and adjustable footrest, your baby can sit back, relax, and enjoy their meal! Plus, the three-point safety harness means baby is kept safe and secure, giving you more time to focus on the feeding!


Silicone Superstars!

Say goodbye to food messes and hello to stress-free feeding with the NOURISH silicone weaning bundle RRP £52.00 – your ultimate ally for stress-free weaning! With super strong suction tableware, an essential grippy mat and easy to grip cutlery, your baby will conquer baby-led weaning with ease!

Tiny tummies, mighty pots!

Get ready for hassle-free weaning and snacking with these perfectly sized NOURISH store and wean pots RRP £5.99. Available in 60ml and 120ml, these pots are perfect for preparing and storing homemade food and snacks, at home or on-the-go. The soft bases make it a breeze to pop out frozen food and with the secure, leak-proof lids, food is kept fresh and ready to serve, no matter where you are!

Mess-free munching!

Say hello to the NOURISH mess catcher RRP £5.99, your best friend when it comes to mess-free meals! Crafted from 100% silicone, it features a built-in crumb catcher to contain runaway crumbs and splats, keeping your little one mess-free when at home or on the move. The adjustable neck fastener keeps baby comfortable and clean, plus it’s dishwasher safe making it super convenient for busy mums. With the NOURISH Mess Catcher, weaning has never looked cleaner!


When it comes to starting your little one’s journey into the wonderful world of solid food, Vital Baby has everything you need to Win at Weaning! For more information visit www.vitalbaby.com or find more hints and tips from our experts on Instagram and Facebook.

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