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Summer Holiday Saving Tips For Parents - Save Up To £150 On Family Days Out

Summer is a time of relaxation and sunny days, but having the kids at home all day often leads to a lot of excursions and expensive outings. For parents who are at a loss as to how to save money in these increasingly expensive times, there are still many fun ways to entertain the kids and save money while doing it.

Jason Higgs, the Senior Deals Strategist for Bountii, is an expert in finding discounts and free attractions for the whole family. He gives his insights into the best things to do this summer as a family, without spending an arm and a leg. 

Become Members of Discount Clubs

Discount clubs like the Kids Pass offer up to 40% off at zoos and animal parks across the UK as well as up to 57% savings at theme parks. “Kids Pass offers a great welcome offer of £1 for the first 30 days so that families can try out all of the different offers”, says Jason. “One Kids Pass works for the whole family, so it is a great deal for big families.” 

Visit Local Parks

Parks and green spaces across the UK are plentiful and are a great option as the summer weather opens up the normally grey sky. Check your local parks map for ideas on new parks that you have never visited before and plan different excursions to those parks. 

This is also a great opportunity to bring a packed lunch from home and have a picnic. Bring different games and toys to keep everyone occupied so you can sit and relax in the sun.

Seek Out Free Museums

The UK is known for having an abundance of free museums, especially in cities like Edinburgh, which boasts 17 with no entry charge. This gives you plans for several days during the summer in which you can venture into the city and get a nice family lunch with the money you saved from not purchasing the museum entry. 

“Museums are a great way to fill time, and many even offer children’s sections where the kids can play and learn at the same time”, says Jason.

Swap Babysitting Gigs with Other Parents

With average weekly childcare costs skyrocketing, reaching up to £156.43 in England and £157.22 last summer, parents are turning to more economical forms of childcare. 

“Groups of parents across the UK are finding a solution by buddying up to take on the burden of childcare,” informs James. “One family will offer to watch the kids of one or two other families for a few days so that the parents can have a holiday of their own and then the next family takes on the responsibility”. 

This method of childcare can save families hundreds of pounds by the end of the summer and it gives kids the opportunity to form closer bonds with their friends.

Start a Summer Project

If you have something you need to get done around the house or in the garden, then turn it into a fun project for the whole family. From building birdhouses to starting a vegetable garden, there are many ways to spend long summer days on your own property. 

“These projects will keep your kids occupied for hours and allow them to practise organisational and planning skills to get the job done”, says Jason. 

They will also allow you to cook meals at home instead of going out. If you choose to start a vegetable garden, by the end of the summer, you will have fresh vegetables to harvest, saving you money on grocery shopping. 

Back Garden Campouts

Most kids love the idea of camping, but sometimes campground fees can cost up to £30 per night and glamping even more at up to £150 per night. Pitching a tent in the back garden costs you nothing and makes kids feel like they are in a whole different world from their house. 

Jason adds that “it also encourages independence as kids learn to sleep in a new place and play pretend as if they were really fending for themselves out in the wild”. 


From outside fun to jaunting around free museums, there are many ways to save money on family days out. Before planning any family excursions, always look online to see if you qualify for a family discount. 

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