Picture of primary school children at school

Public Health Devon advice to parents of school-age pupilsĀ 

With children and young people back in the classroom, and more mixing now possible with a change to the guidance around things like bubbles, we're seeing a rise in coronavirus cases among the school-age population, and it's likely that this will continue.

In almost all of the cases the young person has shown no sign of having the virus, or only very mild symptoms.

It's important that...

Mum hugging her child

Dealing with separation anxiety post lockdown

After the first lockdown, many parents found that their usually, confident children had developed some separation anxiety once they were heading back to school and nursery and speaking with parents it seems, particularly in younger children, that this will be the case again after this lockdown.

Here are my tips to help but it is important to remember that how you react will impact...