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Combat the Crimbo Limbo lull with 101 pen & paper games

Combat the Crimbo Limbo lull with 101 pen & paper games

The presents have been opened, all the turkey has been eaten and you’ve watched the same five Christmas films on loop since the start of December. The family is getting restless, and your Great Uncle is starting to make comments which at any moment are bound to disrupt the house’s festive cheer.

Don’t fear, the team at the...

Picture of a letter finding activity for kids

Letter finding activity for kids

I love having a few worksheet type activities pre prepared for rainy days, or if I need a quick go-to activity. This letter finding activity is one of those kinds of activity and my children always really enjoy it. For my 6 year old it is an activity he is really confident with and it gives him a quick feeling of being able to achieve something. My 4 year old is learning all about her letters...

Picture of some number and duplo blocks

3 ways to learn about adding and subtracting with duplo blocks

Playing with duplo blocks is a creative way to learn a variety of new skills like addition and subtraction! Your child will love the vibrant colours and bold shapes of duplo blocks, which make them perfect for any learning environment. Maths isn’t always the most exciting subject for kids. To make it more appealing for them, they need to have fun while learning. Here is my top list of...