Pixture of a happy family with mum, dad and two children

Two is the magic number

New research from Online4Baby suggests that when it comes to the perfect number of kids for a happy life, two is the dream for UK adults

  • 49% of UK adults believe that two children is the perfect number for a happy life
  • The biggest motivator for having another child is wanting an existing child to have a sibling and a friend
  • 20% of parents cite financial
  • ...
Picture of the new happy confident me life skills journal

New 'Life Skills Journal' launched by the Happy Confident Company

"Every household in the country should be sent one of these" STEPHEN DIXON, SKY NEWS

70% of adolescent mental health problems are not diagnosed early enough and 1 in 5 kids in the UK suffer from mental health issues in any given year.

With these figures rising year on year, we've teamed up with the highly-esteemed Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos to develop a new, unique, fun, and...