picture of a happy teacher in a classroom with her pupils

Government supporting schools and colleges to provide face-to-face learning for millions of children and young people

Over 585 former teachers have already come forward to support face-to-face learning

From: Department for Education

Hundreds of former teachers have signed up with supply agencies following the Education Secretary’s call for them to temporarily return to the profession, data published (on Wednesday 12 January) shows.

Initial data from around ten per cent of supply agencies...

picture of children learning math

Catch up learning accelerates with £10m for maths and literacy

A series of programmes to help disadvantaged pupils boost their maths and literacy skills will be delivered from January

From: Department for Education and Robin Walker MP

Over £10 million of funding will go to programmes identified by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to help disadvantaged pupils catch up, as part of the government’s Accelerator Fund, the Schools Minister,...

picture of colour mixing paint activity

Colour mixing activity

Colour mixing activity

My little girl is learning all about what colours you need to mix to make different colours at the moment, so I thought I would set up a fun painting activity to help her learn.

This activity for kids is super simple and lots of fun for little ones. I got these lovely flower paint pallets , which are perfect as you can put lots of different colours around the...

picture of children learning outside at a forest school

New poll reveals people think children need more time learning in nature 

The Wildlife Trusts and young people call for more outdoor wild time at school

A new poll shows that people believe children do not spend enough time enjoying the natural world and that they should spend more of their school time learning outdoors in nature.

It has been widely proven that regular contact with nature makes children healthier, happier, and better able to learn. The...

Picture of some number and duplo blocks

3 ways to learn about adding and subtracting with duplo blocks

Playing with duplo blocks is a creative way to learn a variety of new skills like addition and subtraction! Your child will love the vibrant colours and bold shapes of duplo blocks, which make them perfect for any learning environment. Maths isn’t always the most exciting subject for kids. To make it more appealing for them, they need to have fun while learning. Here is my top list of...

Picture of a mum painting with her children

Mess Free Painting activity

We don’t mind a messy painting activity in our house, but there are some times where I really don’t fancy having to hose down the children and kitchen after a painting session. This painting activity is a much quicker activity for children to do if you’re are short of time (but it can take a bit longer to set up) and creates hardly any mess at all. The magic ingredient of this activity, which...

three teenage girls online

Empowering young people to pave the way for internet safety

Empowering young people to pave the way for internet safety: Social media and online learning platform, Natterhub, seeks young advisors.

An online safety and digital literacy organisation is searching for a panel of young board members to join the team as valued advisors.

The young advisors will be invited to virtually meet in small groups to share their thoughts and...

Children sitting down with blocks with letters on

Top 5 activities for introducing your child to spelling words

Top 5 activities to teach your child to spell words

When I started trying to teach my children about simple words I found it all a bit daunting and didn’t really know where to begin. We started off sitting down and writing out the words, but my children lost interest pretty quickly. So I came up with some more creative ways to teach them, here are my top 5 activity ideas ....

Duplo bricks with numbers on

Making your own number line with duplo

Making your own number line with Duplo

I know that the sound of the duplo box being emptied out into the floor sends a shiver down my husbands spine each time he hears it, but I honestly think that the duplo bricks are the best toy that we have bought for our children. They can be used for so many activities, although I think they are best for letting children just be creative and...

Picture of happy children running outside in the sun

Cross the River game

Cross the River game.

The “Cross the River” game has been one of the biggest hits for both my children during lockdown.

It’s an activity that we were given by my daughter’s pre-school and it is super easy, needs no real other equipment, can be adapted really easily and teaches the children lots of skills whilst they are having fun! What’s not to love!

So, what do...