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From Divorce to Death: The dos and don’ts of having difficult conversations with kids

Legal and General partnered with Clinical Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin to explore the importance of having difficult conversations with children, including that about organ donation. Dr Rudkin discussed how to approach the conversation appropriately and provided some useful tips for parents wanting to engage their child in such conversations.

Important conversations to have with...
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Research shows aspiring parents isolated by UK fertility taboo

Research shows aspiring parents isolated by UK fertility taboo
  • 3.5 million Brits face infertility but support for its economic and emotional toll is limited
  • Just 15% told colleagues they were having fertility treatment, with 3/5 going to work when they didn’t feel capable and 2/5 feeling unable to ask for help
  • As politicians debate paid time off after pregnancy
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Research shows UK baby loss taboo stops working parents getting the support they need, as MPs call for policy change

  • 1 in 4 UK parents lose a baby, but widespread stigma creates lack of support
  • With politicians debating pregnancy loss policy changes, Tommy’s campaigners say the country still needs a culture shift and more open conversations
  • Half of bereaved parents said nobody at work acknowledged their loss or asked how they were, and only a third felt able to talk about their
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New service to help employers provide support through pregnancy problems, including fertility treatment and baby loss

UK charity helping companies to support workers through pregnancy and parenting challenges, including fertility treatment and baby loss

  • Baby charity Tommy’s launches Pregnancy & Parenting at Work service for employers to support employees through challenging life events
  • 2/3 parents felt managers wanted to help - but only 1/3 said they knew how
  • Most
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Helping Your Family Through Pet Grief

Todays article is written by Julie Wood, who is an expert in Pet Grief and specialises in helping grieving pet owners process their grief so they can enjoy happy memories of their pet.

Pets are part of the family, and when they pass away it can be devastating for the whole family.

There can be feelings of guilt and anxiety as well as physical symptoms such as sleep issues,...