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picture of a dad with a baby and a iCandy pushchair

New Campaign that Keeps an i On Dads

iCandy Team up with Celebrity Personal Trainer in Exciting Initiative to Support Dads

Over the last few weeks iconic pushchair brand, iCandy, has been running a truly thoughtful initiative to support dads. Dads Club, is an inspired social concept to support new dads, work on their fitness, improve their mental health and encourage them to schedule in a little ‘me time’.

With a new...

Picture of a man sat outside in the sunshine with his head in his hands

14% of the UK’s men would not talk to anyone about their mental health

Millions of British men would avoid discussing their mental health at all

Over half of the UK’s population do not think that men’s mental health is taken seriously

Only one in three men say they would speak to a GP about their mental health, and just 7% say that they would speak with an anonymous helpline

Millions of British men would not talk to anyone at all if...

Photo of a man sat on a sofa with his head in his hands

An Alarming 65% of Dads Admit That Having Children Negatively Impacted Their Mental Health

Snüz and Dadsnet To Initiate Important Conversations Ahead of Father’s Day Trusted Family Brand and Leading Platform for Dads Commit to Raising Awareness Around Men’s Mental Health and Parenting According to a recent survey, an alarming 65% of dads admit that having children negatively impacted their mental health, citing the top 5 contributing factors as lack of time,...