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Summer Holiday Survival Guide for Separated Families

Mediation charity offers advice as schools close for the summer

The summer holidays can prove challenging for all families. Juggling childcare, entertaining the kids, and keeping them topped up with endless snacks over the six-week period can prove tough for even the most organised of parents.

For separated couples though it can be particularly hard.

According to...

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Parents urged to help their kids get active over the summer holidays with the 10 Minute Shake Up

Disney-inspired campaign relaunches to help kids get one hour of physical activity every day over the summer holidays.
  • Only 45% of children are meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of one hour of physical activity a day
  • The campaign seeks to inspire kids to get active by using some of their favourite stories and characters from Disney, Pixar and Marvel
  • ...
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Cheap ways to keep kids entertained during holidays

With the school holidays approaching, families are being given advice on how to fill the children’s spare time with fun activities that won’t break the bank.

Online wholesaler Wholesale Sweets are giving their budget friendly tips on how to keep the kids entertained during the summer.

They’ve looked at a variety of both indoor and outdoor options and among their suggestions...

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Internet expert reveals how to protect your children online during the summer holidays, including making a 'family tech agreement'

With the summer holidays beginning, children will inevitably have more access to screen time, especially in the form of the internet. Internet safety has become an increasingly worrying problem amongst parents, however internet expert Allison Troutner from has listed the best ways to keep your child safe online.

1. Consider a family ‘tech agreement’

One way to set...

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7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Save Money on School Lunches

It’s been revealed this week that rising food prices have led to beef being removed from school dinner menus in the UK.

The news comes as the cost of living continues to rise which has caused school catering companies to rethink staple ingredients such as meat and potatoes as they are getting too expensive.

Although the government has increased spending to provide free meals...

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Revealed: Top 10 family friendly vacation destinations that are the safest for kids

New research from The Family Vacation Guide reveals the top 10 safest holiday destinations for families with kids by looking at a range of variables such as overall safety, family-friendly accommodations, child-friendly restaurants and family activities.

You can view the full research here .

The 10 safest family-friendly vacation destinations in the world: Rank Country...
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5 Ways to Reset Your Child’s Relationship With Screens

There’s no doubt that technology plays a big part in many children’s lives, and the time spent looking at screens is only increasing. Ofcom estimates that screen time has risen to 3 hours for 3–4-year-olds and 4.5 hours for 8–11-year-olds every day. The effects of the pandemic have only contributed to this further, with kids’ education, social lives, and contact with family largely moving...

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Talking to children away from TV or screens is vital to their development

Reading aloud to young children is great for their literacy, but studies show that young children can learn more vocabulary from conversation at the dinner table, according to The Family Dinner Project .

They say, children who eat dinner with their families have better skills for developing literacy than those who don’t eat with their families.

Kate Stephens, Devon County Council's...

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Further chance to join The ‘Let’s Talk Teenagers’ webinars

Parents of teenage children will now have a second chance to attend a trailblazing series of webinars piloted earlier this year.

The ‘Let’s Talk Teenagers’ webinars were set up to help parents and carers understand and support their teenagers to navigate the challenges of today’s world.

The first sessions were sold out and with demand so high a second series has now been planned to...

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Plymouth-based Biovault Family supports free baby safety workshops for all

Plymouth-based Biovault Family has announced a new partnership with The Baby Academy to provide free baby safety workshops.

The sessions are available online via My Baby Academy and provide parents with practical advice on topics such as allergic reactions in babies, baby rashes, teething, baby ear infections, and administering medicine correctly to your baby.

Accidents to...