Picture of the inside of a mamas and papas shop


The UK’s leading nursery brand, Mamas & Papas, is set to open a concession in NEXT at The Exebridge Centre later this week, bringing its range of travel systems, nursery furniture and children’s clothing to new and expectant parents in Exeter.

Mamas & Papas will celebrate the arrival of the 1,650 sq ft concession on Thursday 14th October by offering free goodie bags to the first 50...

Picture of a child online gaming

Teens reveal their online lives in new Internet Matters and Roblox report

“ The internet is starting to feel more like real life”: Teens reveal the truth about their online world in new report, say they want parents to get more involved
  • The Demystifying Teens Online Interactions report comes as part of a new partnership between online safety organisation Internet Matters and global platform for shared experiences Roblox, as they join forces to help support
  • ...
Pixture of a happy family with mum, dad and two children

Two is the magic number

New research from Online4Baby suggests that when it comes to the perfect number of kids for a happy life, two is the dream for UK adults

  • 49% of UK adults believe that two children is the perfect number for a happy life
  • The biggest motivator for having another child is wanting an existing child to have a sibling and a friend
  • 20% of parents cite financial
  • ...
Picture of a father having fun in the woods with his children

Fun things to do in the woods with your children

Our local woods is one of my favourite places to take our dog for a walk, but our children can get a bit bored of walking the same loop over and over again! So, I have tried to be a bit more creative to make our time in the woods fun for everyone! I have put together a list of some of the things my children enjoy doing, that I hope you and your children will enjoy doing too.

  1. ...
Picture of covid 19 pcr test kit

Public health experts working closely with schools and colleges to reduce risk of transmission

Schools and colleges have reopened for most, and with it coronavirus measures – some different, some familiar – to help reduce risk to pupils and staff.

With most of Devon’s schools back, pupils and their families will be familiarising themselves with new routines.

Secondary schools and colleges are asking pupils to take two in-school assisted lateral flow tests, days apart...

Picture of adult child at home with her elderly parents

Children Spend Half A Life Living At Home With Parents


- One in eight adult children who live with their parents could spend half their life living with mum and dad -

  • One in eight (13%1) adults that have always lived with their parents are aged 35-55+. That means people are spending almost half of their expected lifespans (81 years2) if not longer living with their parents
  • Of those
  • ...
Picture of Ella's kitchen new sensory play pack

LETTUCE PLAY! Experts reveals why little ones SHOULD play with their food

Little ones should play with their food after new research reveals that two thirds of parents (62%) still tell their little ones not to.

According to new research by baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen released today, a third of parents (27%) think playing with food isn’t good behaviour despite studies* showing that babies and toddlers that engage with food using all their senses, in and outside...

Picture of teacher and interracial children drawing pictures together at tables in school classroom

Twinkl helps educators welcoming pupils arriving from overseas into the new school year

Following increased demand over the summer for educational resources related to the needs of pupils arriving from overseas, educational publisher Twinkl, whose mission is to ‘help those who teach’ has launched a dedicated area on its website ‘International New Arrivals’ - designed to support educators, children and their families.

For many years, Twinkl has produced specialist...

Picture of a father walking his son to school

SCHOOL RUN-CERTAINTY: NEW RESEARCH REVEALS WHAT PARENTS DREAD MOST AHEAD OF THE BACK TO SCHOOL RUNA quarter (25 per cent) fear talking to other parents at drop-off or being stuck talking to people they don’t knowParents find the school run more irritating

  • A quarter (25 per cent) fear talking to other parents at drop-off or being stuck talking to people they don’t know
  • Parents find the school run more irritating than deciding what to wear (39 per cent), getting out of bed (37 per cent) and even returning parcels to the Post Office (36 per cent)!
  • Parents in Belfast being the most unfriendly parents at drop-
  • ...
picture of a young child dressed as a queen in a drama class

Parents back longer school day for more sport and drama, new poll

  • Longer school day vital to youth recovery from pandemic
  • The call from the Centre for Social Justice, backed by rugby ace Lawrence Dallaglio, comes after UK’s Covid-19 curbs see a 55 per cent increase in ‘severely absent’ pupils
  • YouGov poll shows 23 per cent of England’s poorest children denied extra-curricular activities
  • Disadvantaged pupils faced an 18-
  • ...