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8 Exercises you can do with your baby

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, January 2, 2024 - 21:41

One of the most popular New Year resolutions that top most of the list is around health and fitness. This can be trying to do a bit more exercise, improve your health, and shift some excess weight. These resolutions are just as popular with mums, but they aren’t always as easy to follow through with with little ones in tow.

We have put together a list of 8 exercises you can start trying today. For parents with younger babies, check out the list below If you have older children we have put together another list here with some more fantastic ideas.

8 Exercises you can do with your baby

1. Babywearing Workouts: Utilize a baby carrier for a babywearing workout. You can do lunges, squats, and gentle dance movements while securely holding your baby. This not only provides resistance for you but also soothes and entertains the baby with the rhythmic movement.

2. Stroller Workouts: Go for brisk walks or jogs with a baby stroller. You can find stroller-friendly exercise classes or create your own routine that includes walking lunges, speed walking intervals, or gentle jogging on smooth paths. We have a few groups around us where mums can get together to for walks, which is a great way to meet new like-minded friends and gives you some extra motivation to keep going.

3. Baby Yoga: Participate in postnatal yoga classes that allow you to bring your baby. These classes often include the baby in poses, promote bonding, and are great for your postpartum recovery.

4. Floor Exercises: Engage in floor exercises like planks, push-ups, and sit-ups while your baby lies on the mat beside you. You can interact with your baby during each movement, making faces or playing peek-a-boo, which keeps them entertained. Starting these kinds of exercises when your baby is young will set you up perfectly to help encourage them to roll over, crawl and even walk as they get older.

5. Dance Party: Have a dance party with your baby. Hold your baby or place them in a safe spot nearby, and dance to your favourite music. This is a joyful way to get some cardio in and share some laughs with your baby.

6. Swimming: If your baby is old enough, join a parent and baby swimming class. Swimming is excellent for your overall fitness, and it's a wonderful way for your baby to get used to water. Gentle floating and paddling movements are enjoyable and soothing for both of you.

7. Mummy-and-Me Fitness Classes: Look for local mummy-and-me fitness classes, which are specifically designed for mothers with babies. These classes often include a variety of exercises that incorporate your baby into the workout.

8. Walks in Nature: Simply going for walks in nature with your baby can be a great workout. Whether you carry them in a sling or push them in a stroller, walking on uneven terrain like trails can be more challenging and thus a better workout than walking on flat surfaces.


Whatever kind of thing exercise you decide to do with your baby, the health and safety of you and your baby should always be paramount. Please don’t feel the need to rush into exercise before you are ready, there is plenty of time to shift those extra pounds or get a bit fitter. Have fun and always speak to a health professional if you have any concerns about your mental or physical health.

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