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Picture from Natterhub of a boy and girl playing on an electronic device

Helping young people to stay safe online with the launch of YouTuber rating tool

Parents can now check out the YouTubers their children are watching online, using Natterhub’s handy Rate My YouTuber page.

Online-safety and media literacy company Natterhub has launched a webpage which helps parents to make informed decisions about the YouTubers their children watch, using guidance from young people.

As data from Ofcom’s 2019 report shows, YouTube remains a...

Picture of a boy and girl on an tablet and laptop

Over 70% of 5-11 year olds would rather speak to friends online than in person, says new report highlighting the real feelings of children online

Just 23% of young people aged 5-11 prefer speaking to their friends in person rather than online, recent research has shown.

The results come from anonymous data from over 15,000 pupils across 2,500 schools about their online habits and how they feel about the internet and social media.

In the most shocking statistic, when asked what they believe to be the best way to chat...