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South Hams birth rate drop: 44.1% decrease over the last decade, the 3rd greatest nationwide

South Hams birth rate drop: 44.1% decrease over the last decade, the 3rd greatest nationwide

• South Hams has seen a 44.1% decrease in birth rates since 2011

• In 2011 the average number of children per woman in South Hams was 2.09 which plummeted to just 1.45 in 2020

• South Hams birth rate is 8.8% lower than England's average

• Across the country, just three areas...

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10 expert lessons to teach your children about money

Finance can be a difficult topic to tackle with young children, but teaching them to have a healthy relationship with money from a young age is important to lots of parents around the globe.

With this in mind, financial experts from have compiled a list of their top 10 tips for teaching your children about money .

Top tips for teaching your children about money 1...
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Life After Lockdown: The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s mental health

Life After Lockdown: The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s mental health
  • Almost half (42.8%) of 11–16-year-olds feel that lockdown has made their life worse (NHS)
  • In 2020, one in six (16%) children aged 5 to 16 years were identified as having a probable mental disorder (NHS)
  • The global estimates of child and adolescent mental illness observed in the
  • ...
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Top tips to optimise sleep

Top tips from Chenot Palace Weggis to optimise sleep Fight off ‘Coronasomni’

Following a whirlwind, turbulent year, an increasing number of people are reporting sleep disturbances as a result of the pandemic, which some doctors have coined ‘Coronasomni,’ causing negative impacts on people’s daily lives. To help combat this issue, Europe’s latest and most advanced medi-spa, Chenot Palace...

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2021 – Is it the year of the BBQ?

MEATER teams up with the Godfather of UK BBQ cooking, the author of a best-selling BBQ cookbook and creator of the UK’s largest BBQ group on Facebook, Marcus Bawdon, to provide top tips on how to have a ‘smokin’ outdoor cooking experience.

Leicester, 21 Apr 2021 – It is safe to assume that 2020 was not the year that anybody had planned. In fact, many people will want to...

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4 simple steps to reduce costs while working from home.


But Switching Energy Providers Could Offset the Jump in Bills

A combination of recurring lockdowns and the new ‘normal’ of working from home has led to a rise in average annual energy costs over the past year, as Brits spend more time at home. With working from home possibly becoming a permanent...

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Hay fever relief: Expert reveals how to allergy-proof your home

With the weather warming up and lockdown measures slowly easing, one thing that worries one in five Brits is hay fever.

Ivan Ivanov, spokesperson from End of Tenancy Cleaning London , has provided his top tips on reducing the severity of allergies during hay fever season:

“Hay fever season is well under way and can be difficult for those who suffer from allergies. While you...

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Managing sibling squabbles

Managing sibling squabbles

Sibling squabbles are a normal part of family life especially when kids are around each other for days at a time but the constant bickering, badgering and sometimes physical behaviour can be hard going for parents. So, here are some tips to help decrease your sibling battles.

1) 'Team work makes the dream work'

Be mindful of putting your...

Top tips for fussy eaters

Tips for Fussy eaters

  1. Don’t be afraid to keep trying new foods over and over again – I have heard that children need to try a new food 10 times before they might actually like it, so don’t be afraid to keep going! It can be unbelievably frustrating throwing away food they haven’t eaten but adding one floret of broccoli to their plate each night or adding a couple of
  2. ...
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Dealing with separation anxiety post lockdown

After the first lockdown, many parents found that their usually, confident children had developed some separation anxiety once they were heading back to school and nursery and speaking with parents it seems, particularly in younger children, that this will be the case again after this lockdown.

Here are my tips to help but it is important to remember that how you react will impact...