picture of top baby and toddler travel essentials

Top 10 Summer Baby and toddler travel essentials

Peaks of sunshine have shown us what we have all longed for... Summer! We know families will be busy preparing for summer days out and even holidays abroad this year. We’ve pulled together our top travel essentials to ensure family trips are simply a (sea!) breeze!

From portable pottys to clever cleaning, the products below ensure both parents and children can enjoy their summer...

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Kids as young as 10 months can now skateboard


Being the parent of an energetic little one can be nerve wracking for those who want their kids to push their limits, but also want to ensure their safety too. Thanks to Ookkie , the world’s first learner skateboard, parents can do just that.

Having had rave...

picture of Marlo & Cole X The National bodysuit

Dads bounce back from pandemic redundancy and launch ethical babywear business inspired by their music heroesMarlo & Cole

Two Wirral dads who have been friends since childhood have launched an ethical babywear business inspired by their music heroes after losing their jobs in the pandemic Chris Rice and Ben Hatfield, both aged 36, met when they were pupils at Birkenhead School in Birkenhead, Wirral and grew up loving music and playing in bands together, before embarking on careers in the entertainment industry.


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Spring Into Potty Training With Potette!

Cheeky Rascals is delighted to be the supportive hand families so crucially need on their potty training journeys this spring. Thanks to the award-winning Potette range, mums and dads can benefit from the hygienic and compact portable potty, whilst accessing tips, expert advice and downloadable reward charts to accompany the experience.

Toilet training will be as easy as a spring...

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NEW BABY AND TODDLER CLOTHING RENTAL SUBSCRIPTION, LULLALOOP, LAUNCHES SUPPORTING PARENTS AND THE PLANET Style your little one, sustain the planet and save yourself time, money and space with

As new parents, choosing seven sizes in just two years for your baby takes time and money, with new items all too often kept in the wardrobe or barely worn. Lullaloop (...

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Five things every parent needs to know when the clocks change 

Sleep expert unveils five things every parent needs to know when the clocks change From gradually changing bedtimes to naps, here’s how to keep your child well-rested Lack of sleep can have health implications for young children

A sleep psychologist is offering tips to parents who may be feeling nervous about the upcoming clocks changing on 27th March.

Young children need sleep as...

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Listings for We The Curious – February 2022 onwards   

NEW EXHIBITION - Project What If

When: Ongoing. FREE with general admission. Target audience: All ages Web link:

Have you ever wished you could slow time down or wondered whether there is such a thing as the soul?

Inspired by real questions from the people of Bristol, Project What If is an invitation to escape into a...

picture of a baby in an ickle bubba car seat

Ready, set, go with Ickle Bubba’s 360 car seat

Ready, set, go with Ickle Bubba’s 360 car seat Brand-new Radius Car Seat puts a New Spin on Car Journeys Ickle bubba, the award-winning British nursery brand offering stylish products at exceptional value, is thrilled to unveil a brand-new product to kickstart 2022. Introducing the Radius car seat , promising to make every car journey fuss free for new parents.

Thanks to the 360-degree...

picture of colour mixing paint activity

Colour mixing activity

Colour mixing activity

My little girl is learning all about what colours you need to mix to make different colours at the moment, so I thought I would set up a fun painting activity to help her learn.

This activity for kids is super simple and lots of fun for little ones. I got these lovely flower paint pallets , which are perfect as you can put lots of different colours around the...

picture of a toddler sat on an ipad

How Does Screen Time Really Affect Our Children?

How Does Screen Time Really Affect Our Children?

If there’s one thing many of our little ones’ childhoods are defined by, it’s screen time. Even as recently as our own childhoods, we never had access to smartphones and tablets like our kids do.

We know that screen time comes with some disadvantages, but how is it really affecting our children?

This article will explore the...