Picture of ice cream tuff tray activity

Ice cream shop tuff tray activity

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 - 21:35

On sunny days my children love pretending to set up their own play shop, and ice creams are normally the first thing they think of to sell! So, this week we decided to set up our own ice cream shop in the tuff tray, where they could make their own ice creams, which they actually got to eat too!

Now using proper ice cream would have been the obvious thing to use here, but I wanted a bit of a cheaper alternative, that the children could use over and over again without it melting on us. So, we tried getting creative and found some Angel delight in the cupboard, which we used as instead. We found some different kind of sprinkles in the baking box, which we added to separate bowls for the toppings. I set out the angel delight and variety of sprinkles onto the tuff tray, then added a selection of ice cream cones (luckily my daughter had just got some plastic play cones to add to her play food collection, but you could use real ice cream cones too) with different types of scoops and spoons to serve the ice creams. You can see how I laid everything out in our Youtube video.

My children had lots of fun scooping the angel delight into the cones, then choosing their own toppings. They particularly enjoyed that they got to eat their creations afterwards!

When they have made their first found of ice creams, they emptied them back into the original bowl and started again, so the activity was able to last much longer.

We only used one flavour/colour of angel delight, but to expand this activity you could try using a few different flavours, so they could try making different kinds of ice creams and even getting to have a go at mixing the colours together.

If you have any other ways we could add on to this activity we would love to hear them.

I’ve cream shop tuff tray activity

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