picture of monster truck racing sand tray activity

Monster truck racing sand tray activity

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - 21:21

My son is totally monster truck mad at the moment! There is always some kind of race set up going on in our house, so I thought I would try and spice things up a bit by creating a race track for his monster trucks in our sand tray! 

All you really need for this activity is a sand tray and some monster trucks. I added in some extra cones and ramps we had to help mark out a few different areas, but we didn’t really need them.

In our sand tray collection we have a road shaped mould, so I used this to show we’re the track was. If you don’t have this you could use any kind of track (like train tracks doubled up) or even draw your own track with a stick. I made a couple of mounds of sand for the monster trucks to go over and raised some of the sand around one side of the corners. I then lined up the monster trucks ready to race and we were good to go.

My son really loved this activity! He spent a lot of time racing his trucks around the track and turned it into a big contest to determine the overall winner. We also did things like seeing which trucks could do the best stunts around the track, which got my son thinking imaginatively. He also got myself and his sister to predict how each monster truck was going to do, which he thought was great fun.

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