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Fun things to do in the woods with your children

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 11:47

Our local woods is one of my favourite places to take our dog for a walk, but our children can get a bit bored of walking the same loop over and over again! So, I have tried to be a bit more creative to make our time in the woods fun for everyone! I have put together a list of some of the things my children enjoy doing, that I hope you and your children will enjoy doing too.

  1. Collecting sticks – Any parent knows that sticks can provide endless amounts of fun for children! From magic wands to den building, they are a great tool to allow children’s imaginations run wild! We will talk about some of the ways you can use them below.
  2. Building dens – There are some really impressive dens in our local woods, some that even have proper signs on the entrance with the family name of who built it outside! You really don’t need to make anything as fancy as that though. Start small, or even add on to dens that have previously been built. Den building is amazing for developing so many important life skills, like problem solving, imagination and creativity as well as team building.
  3. Remote control car racing  - My son (and my husband!) have recently discovered remote control cars and the woods is their favourite place to take them! They spend hours seeing if their cars can make it up a bank or over a load of branches.
  4. Bike riding – With the different terrain and endless resources to make ramps or tracks, the woods is a great place to make bike riding a bit more interesting.
  5. Rope swings – If you have any strong rope or long straps at home, these can be used to make a rope swing in the woods, that will provide so much fun for your children and any other children who come across it.
  6. Dog training – My daughter in particular loves training our dog, you can read my article here on how I involve her in training our dog. The woods are a great place to try this out.
  7. A Nature treasure hunt – Make a list of things your children need to find before they go (like specific trees or flowers), give them a basket and watch them race around the woods trying to find everything on their list. There are lots of craft activities that you can do with pine cones or leaves, so maybe you could collect some things for an activity to do back at home.
  8. Climbing Trees – Climbing trees is always lots of fun for children of all ages.

If you have any other fun things that you like to do in the woods with your children, please do share them :) 

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Fun things to do in the woods with children

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