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Twinkl Phonics: Approved by Teachers, Parents, and now the Department for Education

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 21:08

Long recommended by schools and teachers, Twinkl Phonics is now validated by the Department for Education. After years of trust from the education community, the systematic synthetic whole-school phonics programme was approved by the DfE on 17th December.

Providing activities, guidance and resources for every phase, Twinkl’s proven phonics programme gives educators the resources and guidance they need to set children up with core skills for life, whilst satisfying Ofsted inspections. 

Since its release, the company’s most popular product has given schools the chance to strengthen their curriculum, teachers the time to focus on what matters, tutors the opportunity to hone skills and parents the confidence to support.

Twinkl’s library of decodable reading books, Rhino Readers, is exactly aligned to Twinkl Phonics and ensures children are reading texts at the right phonics level for their sound knowledge. From fiction to non-fiction, educators can engage children in up-to-date topics that are representative of today’s society while helping them hit phonics goals.

Twinkl Phonics representative, Becki Porter, says, “We created Twinkl Phonics to provide a ready-to-teach, highly engaging and effective phonics programme that meets the needs of all learners. 

Since we launched in 2018, we have had an amazing response from customers about the impact that Twinkl Phonics has had on reading and writing attainment in their schools. Being part of the Department for Education’s validated list gives us the opportunity to support even more educators. Through them, we can help children to love and find success in reading and writing using Twinkl Phonics.”

Twinkl members with an ultimate subscription can gain access to the entirety of the company’s proven phonics programme, along with the site’s teacher-made bank of 800,000+ customisable resources across 16 specialisms. Twinkl also offers virtual and in-school training in the delivery of the Phonics Programme.

The educational publisher offers trusted resources made by experienced teachers, for teachers. Amongst their plethora of curriculum-wide activities and guidance, Twinkl Phonics has proven the company’s most popular product year after year, and continues to set children up with skills for life. 


For more information, visit Twinkl Phonics here.


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