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Data reveals the most popular children's clothing brands

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Thursday, June 9, 2022 - 18:05

A recent survey revealed that 94% of women spend more on their children’s clothes than their own - other research reported that parents spend an average of £1,677 a year on their children's clothing. 

Online children's clothing store Kathryn’s wanted to look further into the designer brands that parents dress their children in and used search data to identify which childrenswear brands is the most popular amongst UK parents. 

According to this data, the top five most popular brands for children's clothing are:

1. Gucci 

Picture of Gucci searches infographic

2. Fendi

picture of Fendi searches infographic

3. Ralph Lauren

picture of Ralph Lauren searches infographic

4. Hugo Boss

Picture of Hugo Boss searches infographic

5. Kenzo

picture of Kenzo searches infographic Simon Large, eCommerce Manager at Kathryns, commented: “It’s not surprising that Gucci is the most popular brand given it is an extremely popular brand for adult clothing too - the fact Gucci sells both adult and children’s clothing allows parents to have a mini-me, which is a really popular trend.”

Three of these brands are classed as luxury brands -  including the two most popular Gucci and Fendi. Despite Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss not being luxury brands and offering more affordable options, neither take the top spot.

Simon added: “Research revealed that 94% of women spend more on their children's clothes than their own - the order of the most popular brands definitely supports this, with two luxury brands being in the top position over more affordable brands like Ralph Lauren. This tells us the affordability of a brand isn’t a huge concern for many parents,” 

As well as looking at the current most popular brands, Kathryn’s also looked into some of the childrenswear brands that have increased in popularity over the past year. They found that Portuguese childrenswear brand Phi Clothing has seen a 50% increase in searches, and Italian childrenswear brand Simonetta has seen a 129% increase. 

You can view the full data and more information on these brands here

picture of Kathryns Popular Kidswear Brands Infographic

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