picture of a mum and baby with a cheeky chompers flexi brush

Iconic British Nursery Brand Unveils Baby’s First Toothbrush

Cheeky Chompers Support Good Teeth-Cleaning Habits from Day One with the Flexi-Brush

Cheeky Chompers, the multi-award-winning British nursery brand behind the iconic Neckerchew teething bib, is thrilled to unveil its latest masterpiece! Continuing its mission to support young gums, the brand is thrilled to unveil its first product to support the next stage after teething – looking after baby teeth! 

Introducing the Flexi-Brush, the ideal first toothbrush for babies 0+ to hold, explore and get used to teeth-cleaning!

Thoughtfully designed with a soft brush and different textures on the handle, the Flexi-Brush will gently massage teething gums to give much needed relief and, thanks to the small head it provides an ideal applicator to add teething gels and toothpaste. The perfect first toothbrush and multipurpose product is a must for the changing bag! 

As teeth start to appear, the Flexi-Brush will help to keep them clean and encourage baby to get used to the sensation of tooth brushing and teach them to look after their teeth – an important routine to get little ones into as soon as possible! Once first teeth fully erupt, the Flexi-Brush can be used in conjunction with a nylon bristle brush.

picture of a baby with a cheeky chompers flexi brush Coming as a pack of two (one blue and one sage green), the Cheeky Chompers Flexi-Brush is made from 100% soft and pliable food grade silicone, which is gentle and safe for little mouths to explore. It has been purposely designed into a safe shape to prevent choking hazards, it is also super easy to clean and can be cleaned in the dishwasher and steriliser – it’s a win win! 

Passionate about creating products that truly support young families, the Flexi-Brush does this and more, making it a must for every new parent. Not only have the team created this amazing new product, but they’ve also launched a great range of resources, tips and advice around baby tooth care. The resources include videos, blogs, infographics and more on a range of topics including Baby Tooth Care Tips, a teething chart to show you which teeth to expect and when and how to brush baby’s teeth by Mummy Dentist Dr Jemma KE Hook

picture of a baby with a cheeky chompers flexi brush Commenting on the brands latest innovation, Julie Wilson, co-founder of Cheeky Chompers said: 

“We are delighted to unveil the Flexi-Brush, baby’s starter toothbrush!  We’ve researched the challenges that parents are facing around toothbushing and spent a lot of time developing this product to ensure it really does help make parents lives easier. The Flexi-Brush will not only massage sore gums, but it will be a great tool to get little ones into the best habits for cleaning their teeth from day one! 

RRP: £9.99 (for a pack of two)

Stockist: https://cheekychompers.com, John Lewis, Amazon Jojo Maman Bebe and Mamas and Papas 




Teething: Signs, symptoms and remedies. by Julie Wilson and Amy Livingstone.

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