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The Perfect ‘Hug in a Mug’ for That Time of the Month 

Women's wellness brand, HotTea Mama, is especially proud of its award-winning menstruation tea, Over the Moon. Thoughtfully blended with natural herbs and botanicals, the 100% organic tea is designed to soothe PMS and support happier periods.

Naturally caffeine-free, the herbal infusion has been carefully crafted by the brands Tea scientist (and founder) to comfort and support all women through their monthly cycle, from their early teens, through their twenties, thirties and beyond.  Not only easing the classic period PMS symptoms, a cup of Over the Moon can even support irregular cycles, and conditions that can affect female fertility such as endometriosis and PCOS. 

Over the Moon contains ingredients that have been used by women for centuries to support their monthly cycle. Raspberry leaf helps to strengthen uterine muscles, whilst the Chamomile Flowers are anti-inflammatory and can help to ease anxiety. The Gingko Biloba reduces mood swings and breast tenderness, and the Spearmint in the blend balances hormones. Finally, Dandelion Root is known to reduce bloating & improve mood, and the Rose Petals contain antioxidants.

picture of Hot Tea Mama Organic Over The Moon Tea Not just a soothing blend, but thanks to the warming floral base of chamomile and rose petals, it tastes great too! Creating a sense of calm, the blend is lifted by sweet spearmint and herbaceous raspberry leaf - it’s no wonder so many women are reaching for a warming mug (or 2) of this whole leaf tea each month. 

Keeping mother earth in mind, every HotTea Mama organic tea bag is made from corn starch meaning they are plastic free, gluten free and vegan friendly, not to mention heat sealed (avoiding the use of any glue) and biodegradable. Even better, each tea bag can be used for 2 cups, making them great value for money!

The wider collection of 8 organic whole leaf teas has been thoughtfully blended to support women through the daily (and monthly) struggles, from pregnancy and parenthood, to menopause. 

Commenting on one of the brands signature blends, Bethan Thomas founder and tea Scientist at HotTea Mama said: “I truly love blending tea and take great pride in creating a great tasting cuppa – add to that the fact we are support women’s wellness with our unique fusions is just wonderful to know. A cup of tea is a delicious alternative to find comfort when we need it – it’s called a mug in a hug for good reason!”

RRP: £6 for 14 tea bags (28 cups) | From HotTea Mama

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