picture of a baby in an Angelcare bath

WHERE BATHTIME MEANS PLAYTIME! Take a dip with Angelcare this International Bath Day

Celebrate International Bath Day on June 14th with innovative parenting brand Angelcare, by using their wide range of bath products to transform bathtime into playtime! From the cozy comfort of the Soft Touch Baby Bath Support to the playful Happy Seal Baby Bath and Room Thermometer, every product is thoughtfully designed to make bath time safe, fun, and exciting.

Let your little one’s imaginations run wild as they embark on bubbly adventures and giggly splash sessions, turning every bath into a delightful experience filled with joy and laughter.

With Angelcare, bath time is more than just getting clean, it’s a time to make magical memories!

Blissful Bathtimes

Splish and splash your way into a world of relaxing bathtimes with the Angelcare 2-in-1 Baby Bathtub. From relaxing soak sessions to splash-tastic adventures, this versatile tub promises stress-free bath times and more time to play and explore. With its unique evolutive design, it safely supports both new-borns and infants. Initially cradling smaller babies from 0 to 6-months in a gentle reclined position, then once baby can sit up independently, (from 6-12-months) it offers a safe and comfortable upright support.  Featuring Angelcare’s exclusive soft-touch material, you can say goodbye to chilly surfaces and hello to snuggly, soothing and safe bathtimes! It's the perfect companion for making bath time memories that will last a lifetime.

picture of Angelcare Baby Bathtub

Super support!

Loved by both babies and parents, the

Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Support

Support lets your little ones sit back, relax and enjoy their bath. The super soft-touch material warms up in no time, so baby is kept safe, secure and snug, giving you peace of mind and your little one more time to play and explore at bathtime. It’s also super lightweight, easy to clean and gives your little ones the freedom to bathe hands-free and transform their boring baths into a bubbly and blissful playtime!

picture of a Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Happy splashing!

Turn bathtime into a bubbly adventure with

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat. Designed to make splashing sessions safe and enjoyable, this baby bath seat is your little one's ticket to a world of watery wonders. Perfect for little explorers aged 6 to 10 months, your little one can soak in comfort and support, giving them the freedom they need to explore and play at bathtime.

Keeping it cool

Designed to make bathtimes safe and enjoyable, the Angelcare Happy Seal Baby Bath and Room Thermometer will be your bathtime BFF! Where fun meets functionality, this adorable thermometer alerts you if the water is either too hot or too cold, and doubles as a playful toy, adding extra fun to bathtime. The fun doesn’t stop at bathtime! This playful seal also doubles as a room thermometer, keeping your nursery perfectly cozy for sweet dreams.

picture of a Angelcare seal themometre


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