picture of a girl at a birthday party with a party hat and present

Gift ideas for 5 year old girls

We are in full birthday party season in our house, with our little girl lucky enough to be invited to some of her school friends birthday parties.

Choosing gifts for other children that you don’t really know can be tricky, I find it really difficult choosing a gift that is a reasonable price, which the child can actually use instead of just giving a plastic toy for the sake of giving...

Picture of a make your own Olaf activity for kids

Make your own Olaf party game

Disney Frozen themed party game for children

My daughter in frozen mad, so with her birthday coming up I wanted to think of some fun party games we could do based on the theme. One thing I came across was a ‘make your own Olaf’ idea, which we tried this weekend, and it was a huge hit!

We played this game as a family, with grown-ups and children, so we turned it into a bit of a...

Picture of multiple baby boots

Festive Frolicking Sees Babyboom In September

September Babyboom

· Data analysed from the UK government live births database reveals the most popular days for babies to be born are the 24 th , 25 th and 26 th September, meaning parents conceived the most children on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing day

· The whole of September is by far the busiest month for new births!

It would appear that every Christmas Brits...