picture of a girl at a birthday party with a party hat and present

Gift ideas for 5 year old girls

We are in full birthday party season in our house, with our little girl lucky enough to be invited to some of her school friends birthday parties.

Choosing gifts for other children that you don’t really know can be tricky, I find it really difficult choosing a gift that is a reasonable price, which the child can actually use instead of just giving a plastic toy for the sake of giving...

picture of children at a forest school

Childhood Development and the Benefits of Forest Schools 

Forest schools are an exciting opportunity for children to learn with their hands. The sessions, which are non-academic and led by a qualified instructor, encourage outdoor education in a controlled setting. This can come in a range of forms, from group treasure hunts to woodland building exercises.

These schools encourage children to ditch the computer screen and spend more time...

picture of a baby in a tin bath on a white rug

20 vintage baby names making a comeback, revealed!

A baby’s name can be indicative of the era they were born. With the modern-day parent preferring the unusual and unique, the names we once thought old-fashioned are now deemed retro.

So which vintage names are leading the revival of the modern era? utilised to discover which old-fashioned baby names are making a comeback.

(Photo By Tiero on Canva)

Top 20...
picture of Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Dress £19.99 at Party Delights

📖 World Book Day 📖: Celebrate World Book Day with this year's must-have fancy dress costumes

FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS! CELEBRATE WORLD BOOK DAY WITH THIS YEAR’S MUST-HAVE FANCY DRESS COSTUMES FROM PARTY DELIGHTS Thursday, March 3 marks the 25th annual World Book Day, when youngsters get the chance to celebrate their favourite books while letting their imaginations run wild by dressing up as their best-loved fictional characters.

With World Book Day taking place during lockdown last year...

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Valentines day gifts for children

Online retailer Studio reveals the latest trends for Valentine’s Day, as consumers shift away from romantic traditions

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of Valentine’s Day is ‘when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to.’

However, online retailer Studio has identified a number of...

picture of child wearing shoes that are too big

Shoe Zone Encourage Parents To Check Children’s Feet Every Six Weeks In A Bid To Improve The Nation’s Foot Health

When was the last time you measured your child’s feet? If you’re like most parents and caregivers in the UK, it was probably a bit of an ordeal to get your child to stand still, let alone check they’re wearing the right size.

Shoe Zone recommends parents and caregivers check children’s shoes every six weeks to encourage good foot health and avoid foot pain caused by wearing the wrong...

picture of a baby in pink with a floral head band

Top 20 Floral themed baby names

Choosing your child’s name is an important decision for any parent to make, and certain names denote certain personality attributes. Names with a floral theme are a popular choice, which is not surprising due to their association with beauty and life.

In light of National Houseplant week , endeavoured to find out the world's top floral themed baby names by...

picture of a teenage girl

Pressure to be ‘perfect’ causes mental health issues for teenage girls, research shows

Pressure from schools and families to live up to society’s expectations of the “ideal” girl and be “good” causes mental health issues in teenage girls, a study shows. Cultures in schools and at home contribute to anxiety in girls from all backgrounds, researchers have found.

Pressure to achieve high grades, be popular and beautiful, and participate in extra-curricular activities can lead to...