picture of colour mixing paint activity

Colour mixing activity

Colour mixing activity

My little girl is learning all about what colours you need to mix to make different colours at the moment, so I thought I would set up a fun painting activity to help her learn.

This activity for kids is super simple and lots of fun for little ones. I got these lovely flower paint pallets , which are perfect as you can put lots of different colours around the...

Picture of a mum painting with her children

Mess Free Painting activity

We don’t mind a messy painting activity in our house, but there are some times where I really don’t fancy having to hose down the children and kitchen after a painting session. This painting activity is a much quicker activity for children to do if you’re are short of time (but it can take a bit longer to set up) and creates hardly any mess at all. The magic ingredient of this activity, which...

Picture of a family painting together

Butterfly painting

Butterfly painting

This painting activity is so much fun and teaches children all about symmetry!

What you need:

  • Butterfly shapes cut out. I find it easiest to fold a piece of paper in half, then draw one half of the butterfly from the fold. When you then cut it out you will have a perfectly symmetrical butterfly.
  • Paints. I try and go for washable
  • ...