picture of colour mixing paint activity

Colour mixing activity

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 21:54

Colour mixing activity

My little girl is learning all about what colours you need to mix to make different colours at the moment, so I thought I would set up a fun painting activity to help her learn.

This activity for kids is super simple and lots of fun for little ones. I got these lovely flower paint pallets, which are perfect as you can put lots of different colours around the outside in the petals, which leaves the centre of the palette empty for them to use for mixing the colours.

picture of colour mixing paint activity I set up this activity by choosing the colours I wanted her to make (I started off with purple, green and orange) and wrote the name of the colour on a small piece of paper. I wrote the colour in the name of the colour, so I wrote the word orange in the colour orange pen, then drew a small circle in the colour too so it was easy for my daughter to use. I then put different coloured paints (obviously including the colours needed to make the colour on the piece of paper) in the petal shaped bits of the palette. I laid out three of the palettes in front of her, with the pieces of paper next to each palette and explained what she needed to do.

picture of colour mixing paint activity My little one wanted to discuss a few of the colours with me, so we had a great opportunity to chat about all of the different colours and how they would change as we added different colours to them.

The other great thing about this activity, was that when we finished mixing the colours I just got out some paper and we were able to do a normal painting activity at the end.

picture of colour mixing paint activity

This activity was great way to liven up a normal painting activity


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