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The Mother Fit Pregnancy Pilates Program

Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Saturday, June 4, 2022 - 20:58

Add Pilates to your Weekly Feel Good

Mother Fit unveils a brand-new Pregnancy Pilates program for all its members at NO extra cost! 

Following the hugely successful launch of its unique online platform last month, Mother Fit is thrilled to announce the arrival of its new Pregnancy Pilates program, now available to all members and all included in the same monthly fee of just £9.99.

On a mission to support women’s mind, body and soul, throughout their entire motherhood journey, the arrival of the Pregnancy Pilates programme is yet another example of the care and thought that has gone into creating Mother Fit.  All in one affordable monthly membership, members can now enjoy a weekly Pilates session, alongside many other classes they can enjoy and abundance of supportive information and courses they can access such as hypnobirthing, first aid or sleep advice, all of which are dependent on and tailored to each member’s personal stage. 

The Mother Fit Pregnancy Pilates Program:

  • Led by Mother Fit expert Jemma Winborn, who studied with master trainer Alan Herdman and has been teaching Pilates for 15 years.
  • Runs for 25 weeks - from week 13 of pregnancy through to week 38 (over trimesters 2-3)
  • Members will be guided through the program and enjoy a new 20-minute session to complete each week.
  • If members want to do more than one Pilates session per week, they can repeat their weekly session as much as they wish. 
  • As with everything delivered in the Mother Fit membership, the Pregnancy Pilates program has been thoughtfully curated to support women throughout each specific week of pregnancy from 13-38 weeks. 
  • Not only a weekly class, but members will also have access to 24/7 online support via webchat, and Jemma is also part of the community within the private Facebook group that members have exclusive access to. 

The Pregnancy Pilates program sits alongside resistance, cardiovascular, yoga flows and mobility workouts with Mother Fit’s Founder Michelle Baynham. Providing members with an amazing choice and option to enjoy lots of different classes to meet the physical activity guidelines during pregnancy and beyond. 

Not only does it have you covered for your physical health, but there’s a multitude of useful classes and information readily available to members from a number of leading experts, including first aid courses, hypnobirthing classes, sleep advice, child behavioural counselling and so much more! 

Put simply, this is yet another reason why Mother Fit truly stands out compared to other similar platforms, as it provides mothers everything, they could possibly need under one roof. 

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Commenting on the launch of the pregnancy Pilates program, Mother Fit Founder Michelle Baynham said:

“We are delighted to make our Pregnancy Pilates program available to our members. It might seem surprising but even if you don’t usually exercise much, pregnancy can be a great time to start and Pilates especially is one of the best exercises during this time. It is a low impact workout that focuses on lengthening and strengthening the muscles needed to support a women’s body during pregnancy, as well as postpartum.  

She continued: “It’s also a brilliant way to check in with your changing body, and to ease any stress. Pilates can help strengthen the key muscles around the pelvis and spine too. Our tailored program will guide you through and allow you to enjoy all the amazing benefits during pregnancy and beyond.” 

Mother Fit is a unique digital platform that encourages and supports a truly holistic approach to motherhood. The thoughtfully designed website looks after women’s mind, body, and soul, during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond, thanks to its personalised subscription service offering access to fitness classes, expert content, antenatal care, engaging live activity, nutrition, a supportive online community, and so much more.  

About Mother Fit  

Following the birth of her children and a diagnosis of postnatal depression, Michelle turned to exercise as her one constant, and a way to get some ‘me’ time.  From her experience as a specialist personal trainer, she knows just how much it can help, not just our physical, but mental health also. She was shocked to find little resources online to support women at this truly fundamental time in their lives, so become determined to create something – Mother Fit was born!



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