Adorable Sensory Toys for the Coolest Kittens! 

Zara Crawford
Authored by Zara Crawford
Posted: Monday, July 25, 2022 - 10:58

Kaloo Launches Stunning Stimuli Range for Newborns 

Iconic soft toy brand, Kaloo, is delighted to welcome a new collection of sensory toys to its growing collection, welcoming the Stimuli range! Inspired by the cuddliest of kittens, the Stimuli collection not only offers an abundance of toys that are engaging, ideal for sensory playtime, but are also guaranteed to look stunning in any nursery.

picture of a baby playing with sensory toys With a Scandi inspired colour palette and feline characters with the sweetest smiles, the unisex collection, that is suitable for newborns, is sure to be a hit with little ones and parents alike! 

Making their debut, the three piece Cuddly Kitties are sure to be loved by new arrivals. Each cat has its own unique characteristics, one of them is heavy, and one is light. One is fluffy, and one has crinkly, textured fur that rustles when touched. Babies will love discovering all of the adorable cats’ unique features that are part of the varied multi-sensory set. Ideal from birth onwards, the sensory trio also include ribbon loops so they can be hung or attached anywhere in a nursery or on the move. 

picture of a baby playing with sensory toys Another highlight in the collection is the Grow-With-Me Book, which is ideal for developing advanced motor skills. Created in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, the soft fabric book grows with little learners, with one side featuring geometric patterns that vary on each page, and the other capturing daily kitten adventures! The contrasting colours help to develop baby’s sense of sight, whilst little ones can enjoy learning to count the shapes as they grow. 

To further add the fun into playtime, the Stimuli range also includes two ball options – the super sweet Hand Grip Ball, with its unique petal shape for little hands to easily hold and the Sensory Soft Balls with multiple textured surfaces for tactile play. Also available, the Maraca cuddly rattle will encourage little ones to shake to hear the noise, strengthening their hand-eye coordination as they learn to hold the rattle themselves.

Kaloo’s spokesperson commented:

‘We are so pleased to launch the Stimuli collection in the UK! The range includes so many gorgeous toys that will really help children to learn and develop, as well as looking adorable in the process, so we really think it will be a huge success!’ 

picture of a baby playing with sensory toys

  • Stimuli My Cuddly Kitties (3 Pieces) | RRP: from £26.79 | Stockist:  Toy Street 
  • Stimuli My First Hand-Grip Ball | RRP: from £17.50| Stockist:  Toy Street 
  • Stimuli My Grow-With-Me Book| RRP: from £13.50 | Stockist:  Toy Street 
  • Stimuli My Soft Maraca | RRP: from £14.29 | Stockist:  Toy Street 
  • Stimuli Sensory Soft Balls Set (5 Pieces) | RRP: from £18.99 | Stockist:  Toy Street 
  • Stimuli My Cat Tumbler Toy | RRP: from £24.79 | Stockist:  Toy Street 


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