picture of i give you the moon book for terminally ill children

Children’s Publisher Launches Campaign For Terminally Ill Children

Zara Crawford
Authored by Zara Crawford
Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 21:50

The initiative, by children’s book publisher Ventorros Press, seeks to create personalised illustrated story adventures for terminally ill children, creating wonderful diversions that will empower them to temporarily escape their surroundings.

Ventorros Press commented, “If we can raise just £10,000, we will be able to brighten-up the days of around fifteen children and their families, but we’re hoping we might double our target and help many more than that."

The initiative plans to use the services of some of the very best children's storytellers and illustrators around. Each story will 'star' the sick child as the 'hero', and will make them feel extra 'special', as the story transports them on an incredibly exciting adventure, to magical new lands where anything might possibly happen.

The idea for the project came with the story I GIVE YOU THE MOON, which was inspired by the special and enduring love between siblings, Baran and his sister Leyla.  Ventorros Press author, Ffion Jones heard about Baran, who was then in a children’s hospice suffering from a rare form of cancer and wrote the story especially for him, before submitting it to her publishers Ventorros Press.

“When we heard how much Baran had loved the book, having it by his side when he passed away, we saw that there was a way we could bring a little light to other children in similar circumstances. Every child deserves a little magic in their lives, and to be a hero in their own adventure.”

Anyone wanting to contribute to the project can do so via:  www.kickstarter.com/projects/ventorros/open-childrens-minds-to-entire-new-worlds


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