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Lizz Banks
Authored by Lizz Banks
Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - 22:23

It’s good for the mind, body and soul

This month marks the launch of Mother Fit, a unique digital platform that encourages and supports a truly holistic approach to motherhood. The thoughtfully designed website will look after women’s mind, body, and soul, during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond, thanks to its personalised subscription service offering access to fitness classes, expert content, antenatal care, engaging live activity, nutrition, a supportive online community, and so much more.

Unlike anything else on the market, Mother Fit aims to provide a 360 holistic approach to motherhood. Mother Fit’s ethos is to support women at whatever stage of their journey, looking after their physical and mental wellbeing. For just £9.99 per month or £7.50 per month (annually) including 14 days free (cancelled at any time), members will gain access to the complete service, all of which is personalised to the user!

What makes Mother Fit such a fantastic tool is its personalised approach. When signing up users will create a unique profile which will then work seamlessly with the Mother Fit platform to ensure users gain access to everything that is relevant to the stage of motherhood they are at - whether that be just finding out they’re pregnant, to being back at work with a toddler. Going one step further, Mother Fit promises to be the holy grail as mums can also record important midwife appointments and will automatically be sent recommendations for classes to do, articles to read, or the ability to journal their thoughts.

Members on their pregnancy journey will enjoy a weekly program tailored to the week of their pregnancy, including fitness classes, antenatal care such as hypnobirthing, as well as expert content, resources, and weekly updates on their baby’s development.

picture of a mum exercising with her baby Members on their postpartum journey begin in the 4th trimester with support for mum and her new baby and once cleared medically to return to exercise she’ll enjoy a gentle ‘Rebuild you Core’ program, and a daily 9-week postpartum program bursting with fitness, mindfulness, mobility, expert content, and resources to support her and her babies journey. 

Once graduated mum will even be guided through additional fitness classes, to ease her transition into beyond.  

Members on their beyond journey will experience a dashboard bursting with live sessions, challenges, programs, hundreds of fitness classes, nutrition, mindfulness, experts including confidence coaches, long c-section recovery, and more. They will also be able to personalise their goals for weight loss or getting strong, track calories, workouts, buddy up, and more. 

Mother Fit is the brainchild of Michelle Baynham, mum of two and pregnancy and postpartum fitness expert. Michelle is on a mission to support every woman on their mental and physical journey through motherhood. Michelle has cleverly crafted a truly affordable digital platform to ensure every single mum can access Mother Fit, as she strives to look after the mind, body and soul in Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond.

Commenting on the launch of Mother Fit, Michelle said:

“Driven by my own experience of motherhood, I am able to connect and relate to every Mother Fit member. We offer a hub for women to join and share experiences, workout together and champion each other as they navigate the tricky path that is parenthood. I am extremely proud of Mother Fit, for less than £10 per month women can truly benefit from holistic support, information and guidance for their mind, body and soul.  We hope to support, nurture and motivate women, and I look forward to being with each and every member at every step.”

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