picture of Gaia Baby Soft Newborn Baby Carrier

Gaia Baby introduces sustainable and stylish Soft Newborn+ Carrier

Carrying Babies into the Future Gaia Baby introduces sustainable and stylish Soft Newborn+ Carrier

Introducing the Gaia Baby Soft Newborn+ Baby Carrier , brand new to the Carry range from Gaia Baby. Made with 100 per cent certified organic cotton, it is designed for parents who want the closeness of a wrap with the convenience of a carrier. Ergonomically constructed, it’s the carrier that is...

picture of a mum breastfeeding a baby

New Calculator Shows How Long You’ve Spent Breastfeeding

A unique tool has been launched that helps parents estimate the total amount of time they've spent breastfeeding their baby and translates it into fun, relatable experiences.

Smart Cells, a leading cord blood stem cell collection and storage company, has announced the launch of its new interactive Breastfeeding Calculator on their website.

“Breastfeeding is an incredibly...

picture of parents learn baby first aid

The Essential Skill Every New Parent Should Master: Baby First Aid

Becoming a parent is a joyous and life-changing experience, but it also comes with a whole new set of responsibilities. Amidst the excitement of bringing a new life into the world, it's crucial for new parents to prioritise their baby's safety and well-being. One of the most important skills they can acquire is baby first aid. While it's something no parent hopes to use, knowing what to do in...

picture of happy mum and new baby



· Supermarket collects a total of 17 MadeForMums award wins

· Aldi receives FIVE Gold medals for nappies and bathtime products

· Aldi’s winning baby and toddler range starts from just 85p

Parents have their work cut out when it comes to getting little ones ready for bed, so anything that makes night-time routines a little...

picture of a happy father holding a baby

Start for Life campaign: if they could tell you

  • A new government campaign aims to support parents in nurturing their bond with their baby
  • New research highlights many parents are unaware of the link between their baby’s good mental health and early childhood development
  • Building close relationships in this critical period of social and emotional development reduces the likelihood of mental health difficulties
  • ...
picture of a Baby weaning with Bloom food pouches

NEW freeze-dried baby food launches to lock-in nutritional goodness

Launching today is Eden’s Bloom , a revolutionary new baby and toddler food range, that is freeze-dried to lock-in all the goodness of the raw ingredients. The Stage 1, 2 and 3 food pouches are made from whole fruits, vegetables and grains, that have been sustainably sourced from around the world. The natural ingredients are freeze-dried to retain essential vitamins and minerals, then...

picture of family with new baby and a dog

How to introduce your dog to a new baby

Bringing a new baby into the family is a time for celebration! However, when you have a furry friend at home, it's crucial to ensure a smooth transition for everyone’s well-being and safety. Pooch & Mutt provide expert advice on introducing your dog to your new baby.

Before the baby arrives:

1. Make them part of the pregnancy : Dogs are intuitive and will notice changes in your...

picture of a child spoon feeding parent

Dietician warns that late introduction of textures can cause challenges for children

  • 34% of parents are reluctant to try their children’s food, citing taste and texture concerns
  • Over half of parents (53%) are unaware that texture should increase gradually as a baby gets older
  • Hollyoaks star and mother, Jessica Fox , and Mummy Nutrition Founder &
  • ...
picture of women supporting eachother

10 ways to help support a bereaved mum

Baby loss charity Sands is here for bereaved families this Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, the UK’s leading pregnancy and baby loss charity Sands, is making sure any bereaved mums, their partners and other family members can find support if they need this.

Family celebrations, such as Mother’s Day, can be an extremely difficult time for anyone who has been affected by...

picture of a mum putting a baby to sleep in a neutral cot

TikTok Tricks to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

One of the biggest struggles for new parents is putting their baby to sleep. In fact, new parents could lose as much as three hours every night of their baby’s first year – resulting in new parents losing up to 133 nights’ worth of sleep in one year alone.

Kelly Nairne, marketing director at Bugaboo, global pushchair providers, said: “Sleep is crucial for both the parents and the...


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